‘Adventures With the Mojave Phone Booth’, A Book About

an Isolated Phone Booth’s Rise to Internet Fame

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Adventures with the Mojave Phone Booth is an upcoming book by Doc Daniels that tells the tale of theMojave phone booth, a phone booth in an isolated stretch of California desert that became Internet-famous in the late 1990s. Daniels propelled the phone booth to fame with the creation of the originalMojave phone booth website back in 1997. Soon fans from around the world were calling the phone booth or traveling to the Mojave National Preserve in California to visit the booth in person (and answer calls). Unfortunately for its fans, the phone booth was removed in May 2000. Daniels is raising funds for the book on Kickstarter. The book is due out in 2015. We first posted about the Mojave phone booth back in 2007.

Adventures With the Mojave Phone Booth by Doc Daniels


photo via Doc Daniels

Actor Richard Kiel has died at the age of 74. The man of giantesque stature was best known for his iconic role of Jaws in the Bond movies.


Actor Richard Kiel has died at the age of 74. The man of giantesque stature was best known for his iconic role of Jaws in the Bond movies.

Richard Kiel, with his wife Diane and children Richard and Jennifer

Despite his remarkable height, colleagues dubbed Kiel “a gentle giant”. The actor had four children with his second wife, Diane, pictured here at the Cannes Film Festival in 1978 with son Richard and baby daughter Jennifer.

Richard Kiel, as Jaws in The Spy Who Loved Me

Kiel’s iconic turn as Jaws in the 1977 Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me secured his place in the pantheon of movies’ most memorable villains. In fact, producers were so impressed by his performance that they altered the screenplay so Jaws survived and was able to return two years later in Moonraker.

Richard Kiel as Jaws, in the film Moonraker

Kiel reprised the role of Jaws in the 1979 film Moonraker. The film culminated with Jaws changing sides and joining forces with Bond to save the world. It also saw romance blossom between Jaws and Dolly, a small, pig-tailed blonde with braces, comically played by Blanch Ravalec.

(l-r) Christopher Lee, Kiel, Rick Yune and Toby Stephens

Kiel joined fellow Bond baddies, Sir Christopher Lee, Rick Yune and Toby Stephens, at a Bafta tribute to the Bond films in 2002. He reportedly said: “It is always more fun to play a bad guy than to be yourself as you can create a character unlike your own and be someone you are not for a change.”

Richard Kiel,  May 2000

Kiel had been in frail health for some years, following a serious car accident in the early nineties which affected his balance. He regularly used a walking stick or a mobility scooter, but retained an upbeat disposition.

(l-r) Britt Ekland, Tania Mallet, Richard Kiel and Eunice Gayson

Richard Kiel was reunited with former Bond girls Britt Ekland (The Man with the Golden Gun), Tania Mallet (Goldfinger) and Eunice Gayson (From Russia With Love) in London for the 50th anniversary celebrations of the Bond franchise in 2012.

Richard Kiel and Roger Moore

Sir Roger Moore and Kiel were last together just a week ago, when they recorded the BBC Radio 4 show The Reunion, with Britt Ekland. Sir Roger said he was “totally distraught to learn of my dear friend Richard Kiel’s passing”. The pair will forever be linked in the minds of 1970s film-goers – with Moore’s Bond squaring up to Kiel’s steel-toothed villain.

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The ‘North Pond Hermit:’ the Man That Lived Without Human Contact for 28 Years

August 25, 2014

For nearly thirty years, he was only a legend in small towns – a ghost that slunk into homes at night and surviving on whatever food he could steal without being noticed by scared residents. Such a phantom couldn’t possibly live in the nearby forest.

Well, that phantom was finally arrested for stealing last year, and he’s being called the last true hermit.

When he was captured, the hermit was out for a late night raid at the Pine Trees Summer Camp near North Pond in central Maine. While searching through the kitchen for food, he unknowingly set off an alarm that led to his arrest at the hands of Sergeant Terry Hughes, a warden that had become obsessed with capturing the man, known as the North Pond Hermit in the surrounding community.

Hughes, with the help of some Maine state police, apprehended the burglar and asked him his name. He didn’t say a word, and he had no identification on him. He admitted to the state trooper, Diane Perkins-Vance, saying in a broken voice that he was ashamed to ask questions.

His name, the trooper learned, was Christopher Thomas Knight. He was born in 1965, had no address, and had no vehicle. He lived in the woods, alone. He had gone to live in the woods when he was only 20 years old — now, he was 47.

His way of life is truly remarkable. He never lit a fire, as he was afraid of being detected, and moved only at night, sleeping in a tent during the day. When he was captured, he had no idea if his parents were alive, and had lived without money, car, and phone — he’d never even heard anything of the internet. He admitted to committing about 40 break-ins a year to keep himself well-fed.

Before that night — April 4 of last year — Knight had only said one word to another human being in the last 27 years. He said “hi” to a passing hiker.

The man had long been a legend in the nearby town of North Pond, where residents had suffered break-ins for so long. But most claim they didn’t really believe that such a thing could be true — after all, what man could survive in the woods through the freezing cold of a Northeast winter?

Knight, somehow, managed it. Unfortunately, he didn’t keep a journal or snap any photos to document his long time alone. He had pledged, after all, to live his entire life in secret after he went to the forest as a young man, just out of high school.

While, many have tried to contact him since to hear his story, he hasn’t been saying much. A writer over at GQ managed to get a short response letter from Knight, staying in prison, the two of them bonding over a shared love of literature — Knight had stolen many books during his time in the woods.

They exchanged more and more letters, Knight offering his regrets on a life of crime and reflections on the differences between the two ways of life he had led. One fascinating, surprisingly literate, tidbit:

Solitude did increase my perception. But here’s the tricky thing—when I applied my increased perception to myself, I lost my identity. With no audience, no one to perform for, I was just there. There was no need to define myself; I became irrelevant. The moon was the minute hand, the seasons the hour hand. I didn’t even have a name. I never felt lonely. To put it romantically: I was completely free.

To learn more of his stunning story, read the long feature article at GQ, which we’ll again link to here. Trust us, the whole piece, though lengthy, is fascinating.

‘North Pond Hermit’ pleads guilty to burglary, theft
Christopher Knight, the man known as the North Pond Hermit, pleaded guilty on Monday and will be entered into a special program. WMTW News 8’s Aly Myles…





By Sonja Sharp

On the sweaty September morning I went to visit Doris Torres and Angel Juarbe, the weather was warm and the skies as eerily clear and blue as the day they were killed. Except it’s Sunday, not Tuesday, and this is not Manhattan but the Bronx. At the corner of Doris Torres Way and Angel Luis Juarbe, Jr. Avenue in the Melrose section of the South Bronx, mostly everyone appeared already drunk.

Like many of New York’s sacred dead, Angel Luis Juarbe, Jr. was a firefighter. Doris Torres was an office worker. Both died 13 years ago this week, in the aftermath of the terror attacks of September 11, 2001. Both names haunt New York City’s urban landscape in quasi-official limbo, on the city’s records but not its maps, sometimes on its street signs, clinging to the periphery of its collective memory. Not quite forgotten—to forget them would be blasphemous—but not really remembered either.

By all rights, the opposite should be true: Juarbe and Torres number among more than 400 of the nearly 3000 9/11 dead whose names are not only on carved on the popular Downtown Manhattan site where their lives were cut short, but cemented onto honorary stretches of concrete where those lives were once conducted, ghost streets like theirs scattered across the five boroughs. Most are forlorn byways on forgotten edges of the city where no tourist has ever intentionally stopped to pay respects.

Staten Island alone is home to almost 200 of them.

Salman Hamdani Way EMT, NYPD Cadet 9-11-01 is a random, lonely corner of a brick-and-leaf lined maze of residential streets in deepest Flushing. 9/11/01 Hero – Abe (Averemel) Zelmanowitz Way is the western edge of an overgrown traffic circle on Kings Highway, rededicated in 2007 with someone else’s name on the plaque. A few people remember the story of how he sacrificed his life to stay by the side of his paraplegic colleague. His family must live right here, they muse.

“I remember reading about him,” said former neighbor Elise Matis, who stopped in the turnabout to chat with a friend early Sunday. “It’s tragic,” she conceded, but that was then. “Everybody’s involved in their own lives now.”

A group of 14 year olds folding their underwear together inside the laundromat at 147th Street and Wales Avenue in the Bronx agrees, it was sad. Very sad. Lots of people died or whatever. We were born, they say, and wave their boxer-briefs like handkerchiefs against the window on Doris Torres Way toward the murals of Firefighter Angel Luis Juarbe, Jr.

“I think about it every day,“ said 25-year-old Zev between long, slow sips from a bottle of beer, one hand on the stroller where her three-year-old son naped while the clothes spun in the wash. “I remember I was in class [at a vocational school on Wall Street] and I saw people running away covered in ash. Human ash,“ she added, as an afterthought.

She’d never heard of Doris Torres, and only knew Angel Juarbe from his mural.

Rosie Perez, 43, knew Angel better, and wanted her picture taken with the neighborhood’s fallen hero, of whom there are two adjacent murals. In one, a square-jawed firefighter backed by the statue of liberty and a translucent American flag overlooks a fire engine careening down a suburban street toward the smouldering World Trade Center, a billboard for the musical Stomp further orienting us to the New York of the early aughts. In the other, a baby-faced young man smiles from beneath a black firefighter’s helmet like the one he undoubtedly wore when he charged into the wreckage 13 years ago.

Rosie’s sweat smelled like gin. She posed: chin down, hip out. I asked whether she also knew Doris Torres, who also died heroically in the aftermath of 9/11, on whose honorary street we were technically standing. She ran back to her floor to help her coworkers and later succumbed to severe burns. Rosie stared at me blankly. I pointed to the street sign.

“Angel and I even have the same birthday,” she replied, pulling me back toward the mural. “We grew up together.”

COOL PEOPLE -KEN KESEY and Alison Ellwood Captures The “MAGIC TRIP” Of Ken Kesey


Ken Kesey

American writer, who gained world fame with his novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1962, filmed 1975). In the 1960s, Kesey became a counterculture hero and a guru of psychedelic drugs with Timothy Leary. Kesey has been called the Pied Piper, who changed the beat generation into the hippie movement.

Ken Kesey was born in La Junta, CO, and brought up in Eugene, OR. Kesey spent his early years hunting, fishing, swimming; he learned to box and wrestle, and he was a star football player. He studied at the University of Oregon, where he acted in college plays. On graduating he won a scholarship to Stanford University. Kesey soon dropped out, joined the counterculture movement, and began experimenting with drugs. In 1956 he married his school s…more

Alison Ellwood Captures The “MAGIC TRIP” Of Ken Kesey

& the Merry Pranksters’

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60’S ADS


ads of the 60’s


[Click to enlarge]

Yes, our product is number one among insane vegan fashionistas!

From Woman’s Day for April 1962.


Ads from the space age With the consumerist euphoria of the fifties still going strong and the race to the moon at its height, the mood of advertising in the sixties was cheerful, optimistic, and at times, revolutionary. The decade’s ads touted perceived progress (such as Tang-?just add water?) while striving to reinforce good old American values. Stars like Raquel Welch, Sean Connery, Woody Allen, and Sammy Davis Jr. endorsed everything from sunglasses to bourbon to handmade suits in an attempt by Madison Avenue to urge Americans to open their wallets and participate in one giant consumer binge. Social change at the end of the era brought psychedelic swirls and liberated women and minorities to a newly conscious public. From forgotten cars such as the Studebaker Avanti, to cigarettes (?Marlboro… a man’s world of flavor?) to food, clothing, consumer products, furniture, travel, and much more, this colorful collection of print ads explores the wide, wonderful world of 60s Americana.


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images download (2)

Rare early 60s tv commercial for Mattel’s Tommy Burst submachine gun detective set. This was my favorite toy of all time. Load in some fresh caps, pull the bolt back, and it made a God-awful noise and it produced a small cloud of smoke around the barrel tip. It was fantastic!! Guaranteed to take your friends & relatives down, one at a time. ^_^


download (5)

a compilation of commercials from the 60’s. Cars, cigarettes, aspirin, pickles, the whole nine!


download (3)download (4)

The commercials from the ’60s and ’70s were just about as memorable as the shows. From the Frito Bandito to Old Iron Eyes Cody with that unforgettable tear in his eye, these were the classic TV spots I remember most.


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‘Playboy’ Ads From 1967 Remind Us Of The ‘

Mad Men’ Era

Posted: 04/26/2013 2:05 pm EDT Updated: 04/26/2013 2:05 pm EDT


slide_251970_1550185_free slide_251970_1550177_free slide_251970_1550164_free slide_251970_1550158_free slide_251970_1550150_free slide_251970_1550140_free slide_251970_1550131_free slide_251970_1550112_free


Though Playboy might have been slightly more classy back in the day than it is now, the general premise of the magazine seems to have remained the same over time: convincing men that they’re worthy of good-looking girls, and plastering such girls all over their editorial pages.

Redditor mixedveggies posted some of the pages from the April 1967 issue of Playboy. Particularly notable is this Vivitar Super 8 Movie Camera ad, which compares the features of the camera model to the features of the actual model:

playboy ad 1967

“Head tilts, pans, swivels and nods.” “This model not for sale.” “Control center.” Always good to see women being treated like human beings.



City settles with Brooklyn men arrested by NYPD cops who confused Jolly Rancher candies for crystal meth


EXCLUSIVE: With their $33,000 payday, plaintiffs Love Olatunjiojo, Omar Ferriera and Jimmy Santos no longer have a sour taste in their mouths over the trippy busts last year in Coney Island.

Thursday, September 4, 2014, 2:30 AM
NYC PAPERS OUT. Social media use restricted to low res file max 184 x 128 pixels and 72 dpiSUSAN WATTS/NEW YORK DAILY NEWSThe city has dispensed a sweet settlement to three Brooklyn men who sued the NYPD after cops bizarrely mistook Jolly Rancher candies for crystal meth, the Daily News has learned.

The city has dispensed a sweet settlement to three Brooklyn men who sued the NYPD after cops bizarrely mistook Jolly Rancher candies for crystal meth, the Daily News has learned.

With their $33,000 payday, plaintiffs Love Olatunjiojo, Omar Ferriera and Jimmy Santos no longer have a sour taste in their mouths over the trippy busts last year in Coney Island.

The city admitted no wrongdoing on the part of the cops, arguing they couldn’t be sure whether the red and blue rocks were illicit drugs or candy, according to the plaintiffs’ lawyer Kenneth Smith.

“To my knowledge there is no evidence in the scientific literature that crystal meth looks like Jolly Ranchers or rock candy, other than from the ‘Breaking Bad’ TV show,” Smith told The News.

The city admitted no wrongdoing on the part of the cops, arguing they couldn’t be sure whether the red and blue rocks were illicit drugs or candy, according to the plaintiffs’ lawyer Kenneth Smith.TODD MAISEL/TODD MAISELThe city admitted no wrongdoing on the part of the cops, arguing they couldn’t be sure whether the red and blue rocks were illicit drugs or candy, according to the plaintiffs’ lawyer Kenneth Smith.

“Walter White may dictate what drugs look like in TV land, but not the narcotics policy of the NYPD,” Smith added, referring to the meth-dealing lead character of the acclaimed show.

Olatunjiojo, 26, and Ferriera 23, were stopped by the cops shortly after leaving the It’Sugar candy emporium on Surf Ave. where they had purchased various sweet treats including Jolly Ranchers, according to papers filed in Brooklyn Federal Court.

Police Officers Jermaine Taylor and Jovanny Calderon handcuffed the men and claimed that an undercover colleague had observed them selling drugs, the court papers state.

Pictured are two rocks of crystal meth.PHIL WALTER/GETTY IMAGESPictured are two rocks of crystal meth.

“Finding only candy, including the Jolly Rancher candy mentioned, the officers repeatedly searched Ferreira and Olatunjiojo and told them it was ‘only a matter of time before they found something,’” the suit states.

Sano, 27, standing nearby with his 3-year-old daughter, protested the arrests of his two friends. Officer Diana Pichardo ordered Sano’s arrest and he was allegedly punched in the face by an unidentified cop before all three men were transported to the 60th Precinct station house.

Court documents filed in connection with the drug possession charges against Olatunjiojo and Ferriera asserted that the cops had performed a field test on the candy and it tested positive for a controlled substance. Sano was charged with obstructing government administration. They spent about 24 hours in custody before a judge released them on their own recognizance.

Jolly Rancher Hard CandyA spokesman for the city Law Department said the settlement was in the best interest of all parties.

The NYPD laboratory later concluded the two red and four blue “crystalline rocks of solid material” were not drugs and the case went up in smoke.

After the suit was filed, Smith said he was informed by the city that there was in fact no drug field test performed and that the cops insisted the district attorney’s officer was never told otherwise.

Olatunjiojo and Ferriera will pocket $4,000 each and $25,000 to Sano to settle their claims, according to papers filed last month. Olatunjiojo and Ferriera will receive less because the cops determined during the booking process that there were outstanding bench warrants against them for failing to show up in court for quality of life summonses.

Smith said the summonses were not for drug-related violations.

A spokesman for the city Law Department said the settlement was in the best interest of all parties.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/city-settles-men-arrested-nypd-cops-confused-jolly-ranchers-crystal-meth-article-1.1927186#ixzz3CYG3FK6s



President Obama at Stonehenge

The White House is plugging President Obama’s visit to Stonehenge in England with this video:



Published on Sep 5, 2014

As the last stop on his three-day trip to Estonia and the NATO Summit in Wales, President Obama visits the prehistoric monument Stonehenge.


giphy (1)

His spoken thoughts aren’t exactly profound: “these are some special stones … I love the moss … there’s something here, that’s wonderful, this is very cool, there just something elemental about it, there’s something where you kind of feel like it should always be there, that it comes out of something basic.”

Regardless of his rather pointed lack of curiosity as to the purpose of the megalithic site, no doubt this will massively boost tourism to England. May we suggest, Mr. President, that when you get back you check out the modern-day American Stonehenge, the Georgia Guidestones, and give a similar boost to our stagnant economy?

COOL PEOPLE – ‘Best night of my life? The one I spent with Keith Richards': Inside the head of Marianne Faithfull




Marianne Faithfull

Real Name:
Marianne Evelyn Gabriel Faithfull
Born: December 29, 1946 in Hampstead, London, EnglandMarianne Faithfull is an award winning English singer, songwriter and actress whose career has spanned over four decades. From 1966 to 1970, she had a highly-publicized romantic relationship with Rolling Stones’ lead singer, Mick Jagger.

‘Best night of my life? The one I spent with Keith Richards':

Inside the head of Marianne Faithfull


The husky-voiced chanteuse and original Sixties wild child has grown up a bit… well, she’s given up the fags, booze and drugs. But, she says, she’s stubborn as a mule, brooks no nonsense – and still cherishes that night with Keith Richards…

What has been your biggest achievement? 'I got myself out of that straitjacket I was in during the Sixties. It's not 'Marianne from the Sixties' or 'the ex-girlfriend of Mick Jagger' any more,' said Marianne Faithfull

What has been your biggest achievement? ‘I got myself out of that straitjacket I was in during the Sixties. It’s not ‘Marianne from the Sixties’ or ‘the ex-girlfriend of Mick Jagger’ any more,’ said Marianne Faithfull

What sort of child were you?

I was a cheerful, naughty and wicked. I was an only child, which of course I liked. I didn’t crave a sibling, God no! As I grew up I was very spoilt by my mother, because I was so pretty.

When did you last cry?

I don’t cry. I never cry. I guess there have been some terrible, tragic, personal things where I have almost cried. Tears come to my eyes occasionally, but I haven’t really cried since I was 19. It’s a shame, isn’t it?

How do you relax?

Cigarettes calmed me down, but I just stopped smoking so now I don’t have nuffink. I used to have a joint, or a line of cocaine, or a cigarette, or a drink, but I can’t do any of that now. Occasionally it crosses my mind. I went to a little Japanese restaurant last night and I did have a moment of regret that I couldn’t have sake, but I just can’t.

With the smoking, it’s been ten months. I’m very proud of myself, but I’m just getting more and more curt. I don’t put up with any s*** from anyone. That might already have been the case anyway, but not like it is now. I’m much worse.

Describe the best night of your life: 'The night I spent with Keith. Even now, it stands out. I think it was so great and memorable because it was just one night. That was it. And we're still great friends,' said Marianne

Describe the best night of your life: ‘The night I spent with Keith. Even now, it stands out. I think it was so great and memorable because it was just one night. That was it. And we’re still great friends,’ said Marianne

 What has been your biggest achievement?

I got myself out of that straitjacket I was in during the Sixties. It’s not ‘Marianne from the Sixties’ or ‘the ex-girlfriend of Mick Jagger’ any more, and I think that’s a great achievement. It took a long time, in fact it’s only really just started, but thank God. It makes life much easier.

What is your greatest regret?

I regret that I couldn’t love people more. I think I’ve realised now how important that is, which I don’t know if one realises when one is young. It’s the only thing we’ve got, actually, against the horror of life. Love is the only thing that makes it bearable, otherwise things are very bleak indeed. Now I can see that of course I should have wished for brothers and sisters, because the more people for me to love and who would have loved me back the better. But I didn’t.

What are you best at?

Writing songs, making songs and performing. I have achieved a level of mastery at it, but I could certainly be better.

Who do you most admire?

I really admired Oscar Wilde and Baudelaire when I was young, and I still love Wilde. He’s one of my best friends. I live in Paris so I can go and see him in the cemetery any time I like and talk to him. I also really admire Jeanne Moreau, Catherine Deneuve and Barbara Castle. Strong women. Elegant.

'Physically, ageing can be tough but there are a lot of positives about getting older,' said Marianne


‘Physically, ageing can be tough but there are a lot of positives about getting older,’ said Marianne

Which living person do you most despise?

David Cameron, but I don’t really like thinking along those lines. I really try to avoid that kind of s***.

Who would you like to say sorry to and why?

I hurt my mother and I wish I hadn’t, but I didn’t actually have any choice. I wasn’t able to be what she wanted me to be, I just couldn’t do it, and so I had to escape from where I was. Too bad, really.  I would have to say, ‘I’m sorry I hurt you, but I’m not actually sorry for what I did. I think I did the right thing.’ I don’t have to say sorry to my father, he always understood what I was doing, but perhaps I do to my son Nicholas. I think he understands now, a little bit, but obviously when he was little he didn’t understand my behaviour at all.

What is your best characteristic?

I’m open-minded and I think I’m generous, at least with my time. I haven’t really got any money so I can’t do much on that level, but I’ve tried to give what I have. I don’t consciously mentor people, but you kind of pass things on subconsciously. I learned an awful lot about music from Mick and Keith [Richards], and an awful lot from Charlie [Watts], actually, about jazz, but I don’t think he had any idea that I was looking up to him and drinking in his words. He would have been appalled.

 And the worst?

My stubbornness. My inability to listen and take counsel. It’s got better, but still, the minute someone tries to give me advice or tell me some wise thing I rear up and say, ‘Absolutely not!’ I’m afraid it must be a Pavlovian response, I don’t even think twice.

What is your biggest fear?

I’m a very, very fearful person, but also very brave. The two go hand in hand in this woman. I have a general fear of everything – and with good reason. These last two years I broke my back and I broke my hip, but I still made a great record and now I’m going on tour. Physically, ageing can be tough but there are a lot of positives about getting older. I’ve become much more confident and sure of myself.

Describe the best night of your life

The night I spent with Keith. Even now, it stands out. I think it was so great and memorable because it was just one night. That was it. And we’re still great friends.

Marianne Faithfull’s new album ‘Give My Love To London’ is out on September 29. She plays the Royal Festival Hall on Nov 29.

‘A Life On Record’ is published in November. mariannefaithfull.org.uk


Marianne Faithfull puts on stunning stage performance

Marianne Faithfull Claims Her Ex-Boyfriend Killed Jim Morrison in 1971 Paris Bathtub Death

images (2)

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Marianne Faithful and Jim Morrison
Credit: Terry O’Neill/Getty Images; Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images
Here’s a shocking twist in rock ‘n roll history. Marianne Faithfull claimed in a recent interview with Mojo magazine that Doors frontman Jim Morrison’s 1971 Parisian bathtub death was, actually, a murder—and it involved her ex-boyfriend Jean de Breteuil.

PHOTOS: Stars gone too soon

The singer/songwriter, 67, recalled that fateful summer when she traveled to France with de Breteuil, a heroin dealer whose clients included several high-profile celebs. Upon their arrival, Faithfull’s beau told her he had to stop by the Lizard King’s apartment, located at 17 Rue Beautreillis.

“I could intuitively feel trouble,” Faithfull recalled, resulting in her taking “a few Tuinal” and conking out. “He went to see Jim Morrison and killed him,” she claimed. “I mean I’m sure it was an accident. Poor bastard.”

PHOTOS: Celebrity drug confessions

“The smack was too strong?” she speculated to herself. “Yeah. And he died. And I didn’t know anything about this. Anyway, everybody connected to the death of this poor guy is dead now. Except me.”

While Morrison is long gone, the numerous conspiracy theories regarding his death continue to thrive. At the time, French authorities decided to skip the autopsy as no foul play was believed to be suspected in his death.

PHOTOS: Celebrity scandals and meltdowns

As for Jean de Breiteuil? The former dealer died of an overdose in Morocco that same year. “He was a horrible guy, someone who had crawled out from under a stone,” Faithfull recalled in her 2000 autobiography. “What I liked about him was that he had one yellow eye and one green eye. And he had a lot of dope. It was all about drugs and sex.”

PHOTOS: Stars we lost in the last year

In the same interview with Mojo, Faithfull also discussed another fallen music legend, Amy Winehouse, who, like Morrison, also died at age 27. “Amy was very, very wary of me,” Faithfull said. “She knew that I knew and she didn’t want me to say anything. There’s a level of narcissism which is all mixed up with self-hatred. I know it well…. But I can’t think what I could have done apart from take her and shake her! ‘You stupid little c—! Wake up!'”

Faithfull is back in the news as her new album, Give My Love to London, is released on Sept. 29.

Read more: http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/marianne-faithfull-claims-ex-killed-jim-morrison-in-1971-paris-death-201478#ixzz3Cdzt8oJz
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Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/event/article-2743509/Marianne-Faithfull-Best-night-life-The-one-I-spent-Keith-Richards.html#ixzz3CdxPVVyU
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My Life as a Psy-Eroticologist

Chris Brake Show Podcast

Independent Indianapolis Podcast [Talk Radio Show]

A Tramp in the Woods

A nature diary from the Forest of Dean.


The Bliss of Reality

RoadsideArchitecture Blog

roadtrip photos of buildings, signs and statues


The website where movies count


A Space for Enjoying Writing


Share something you learned everyday!

The World of Andy Lawson

My senses, my thoughts, your browser


Life & Love on the Canadian Prairies



Tony Eveling photography blog

Explore the world in photographs

Atomic Flash Deluxe

Scout's 20th Century Flash

Julie Weaver

"Don't Quit Your Daydream!"

Cheeni Thoughts

a lifestyle blog!


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