Amazing Artist Goes Dumpster Diving, Builds Homes for the Homeless


Amazing Artist Goes Dumpster Diving, Builds Homes for the Homeless


Here you see Artis Gregory Kloehn going dumpster diving.


Instead of selling his art and trying to get rich, he feeds the ones who have no material possessions to give in return.

This is how the starts to build homes for the homeless—cute little ones that drastically improve living standards.


Now his project is getting attention from the media.


And doesn’t go unnoticed by the people he helps either.


Changing lives, one sofa sized house after another.


Each house is unique and can fend off the weather.


And each has little wheels, so the houses are mobile if the owner wants to move.


A huge upgrade from their previous housing situation.



Knowing that his work is actually helping people, Gregory feels more satisfaction in his work.



Just working with the stuff he finds, every house he creates is one of a kind.



They are called the little homeless houses.


Some are simple, with just sleeping space and room for some stuff.


Some include a small kitchen and a ….


…kitchen sink.


He plans on teaching his craft so others can do it too.



“A lot of people who hear about what I’m doing want to get involved,” he said. “Maybe we meet some place and put a couple homes together.”

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