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Woman on Madrid plane had 1.7kg coke in breasts



Woman on Madrid plane had 1.7kg coke in breasts

The woman’s breast implants were found to contain 1.7 kilos (3.74 pounds) of cocaine. Breast implant photo: Shutterstock

Woman on Madrid plane had 1.7kg coke in breasts

Published: 15 Aug 2014 13:55 GMT+02:00

Updated: 15 Aug 2014 13:55 GMT+02:00

A Venezuelan woman with 1.7 kilos of cocaine hidden in her breast implants was arrested at Madrid airport after arriving on a flight from Colombia, police said on Friday.
 “During a check of passengers from a plane from Bogota, the gestures and behaviour of a supposed tourist raised the suspicions of narcotics agents,” they said in a statement.

After a baggage search revealed nothing, female officers conducted a body search of the 43-year-old woman and discovered “certain irregularities and deformations in both breasts”.

At that moment, the suspect started to act nervously and “confessed that she was carrying implants with cocaine inside,” the statement said.

The woman was taken to a hospital where the implants were removed and found to contain 1.7 kilos (3.74 pounds) of the drug.

Although unusual, it is not the first time Spanish police have seen drug smugglers using breast implants to try to beat detection.

In December 2012, a Panamanian woman arriving in Barcelona from Bogota was found with 1.4 kilos of cocaine in her fake breasts. Her recent insertion wounds were still bleeding under bandages.

Other techniques have included drugs hidden under wigs, mixed into a cast put on a leg, and shaped and hardened into crockery.

Spain has a special police unit that checks “hot flights” from major drug-trafficking countries.

So far this year, in Madrid airport alone, the squad has seized around 500 kilos of cocaine and six kilos of heroin, and had made 189 arrests.

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Canned Radiation from TMI (1979, 1980)




“Canned Radiation” from Three Mile Island produced  byBrenster Enterprises ofEtters Pennsylvania.This was probably the most popular souvenir associated with the accident at Three Mile Island.

The six suggested uses indicated on the label were:

1. Remove label and tell your enemy its laughing gas.

2. Energy free night light (illuminates in darkness).

3. Mix with cold cream for that radiant beauty.

4. Instant male sterilization (sniff twice daily).

5. Use as a room air freshener.

6. Toothpaste recipe: mix 3 to 1 ratio with baking soda, for ever glowing smile.

Size: 4.5″ high, 3″ diameter.

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Toronto man spends $900 on custom cupcake for wife’s 40th birthday

Courtesy Jeeval TailorThe luxury market is alive and well as shown in this $900 cupcake created by pastry chef Devonne Sitzer and designer Annie Sung Lee of Le Dolci in Toronto.

TORONTO – The gourmet cupcake craze has been declared dead by more than one trend-watcher, but it’s still got sweet appeal for a Toronto man who spent $900 on an elaborate confection for his wife’s 40th birthday.

Lisa Sanguedolce, owner of custom sweetmaker Le Dolci, says she was asked to make the elaborate creation featuring some of the woman’s favourite ingredients, and ended up including tiny Champagne bubbles, fondant decorations painted with edible gold, Kona coffee from Hawaii and 21-year-old Courvoisier.

Pastry chef Devonne Sitzer, who’s had stints at Toronto’s Distillery District and the tony Langdon Hall in Cambridge, Ont., dreamed up the cupcake along with designer Annie Sung Lee.

“It was a lot of labour, going back and forth with him, showing him sketches and sourcing everything,” Sanguedolce said Friday. “Our chef is amazing. She came up with it all. I was, like, this is beautiful.”

Tiny Champagne bubbles sprinkled over the cake were created using a molecular gastronomy technique – “they explode in your mouth,” Sanguedolce said – and “diamonds” carved out of sugar were placed around the edge of the chocolate cupcake, which was made with organic sugar, flour and honey with a pinch of salt from France. The cupcake was hollowed out slightly in the centre and filled with a vanilla bean pastry cream and topped with mocha icing.

Delicate fondant flowers were etched in edible gold, stylized gold strips crisscrossed the sides of the cupcake and a fondant branch and leaves were painted with edible gold. Kona is one of the most expensive coffees in the world and the pricey chocolate came from Italy.

“The Courvoisier was more to his liking,” Sanguedolce said with a laugh. The cognac was drizzled on top and poured into a small tube inserted into the cupcake.

For quality control, they tasted as they went along, and Sanguedolce pronounced the chocolate, vanilla and coffee mix delicious.

The elements took a few days to prepare and assembly took a day. The lavish cupcake was delivered last Friday.

“The customer was super happy. We used all the ingredients that his wife loved and some things that he loved. It turned out to be a really fun project.”

This is the first costly cupcake Sanguedolce has supplied, though she’s produced numerous cakes that cost upwards of $1,000, such as replicas of a celebrant’s grand piano for a 65th birthday, a Porsche for a son’s wedding and a Corvette for a husband’s 40th birthday. The time-consuming task of recreating each of them was done from photos supplied by the customers.

Of the luxury market, Sanguedolce said, “It’s a different world, not my world, but I’m happy to oblige.”

HIWAY AMERICA – 5 Terrifying Things Only Truckers Know About the Highway


By August 02,

2014 1,063,617 views Viral

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 We don’t spend much time thinking about truckers, which is strange considering that everything we eat, wear, and plug into our walls was at one point entrusted to their care. Well, Cracked tracked down Donec Quis and Mallory Spline, two of these noble “freeway cowboys,” to ask them what it’s like to be the platelets that carry nutrients down the arteries of America. After they corrected us (apparently plasma cells carry nutrients, and “freeway cowboys” is the dumbest thing they’ve ever heard), we discovered that …

#5. Everyone on the Highway Is Boning

George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Our nation’s highways are so full of people fillin’ ‘er up that it’s a wonder our species hasn’t died in a massive orgiastic pile of twisted metal and bared flesh.

And truck drivers can see all of it.

Hemera Technologies/
“How about closing the sunroof so we don’t have to smell all of it, too?”

“Every truck that passes you has a driver perched comfortably on the summit of Mount Watch-You-Fuck,” Quis told us. “So whether you’re into highway head, roadway romps, slingin’ salami, or the two-finger tunnel run, know that you will be seen.”

Dimedrol68/iStock/Getty Images
Truckers and comedy writers share a love of sexual euphemisms.

“I passed a guy once who was on the receiving end of a very energetic cock gobble. For the briefest of moments our eyes met, and he smiled as if to say, ‘Yup, she’s blowin’ me.’ I’ve seen a woman who was so far into her own snatch that she had one leg propped against the dash … My all-time favorite, though, belongs to the greatest old man ever. When I say old, I don’t mean he’s a little past his prime, either. This dude was easily on the losing side of 60, and he passed me beating his dick like it just spray painted graffiti in Singapore.”

This stuff is so common, Spline says that “one of the best ways to spot a newbie truck driver is when they blow up the CB radio by calling the action like Howard Cosell*: ‘He’s past third and heading for home!'”

Fat chance. Nobody could call road sex like Cosell.

*Dear younger readers: Howard Cosell was a baseball commentator.**
**Dear nerdier readers: Baseball was something like Quidditch, but much more homoerotic and played while secretly on drugs.

#4. The Truck That You Think Doesn’t Belong on This Road Probably Does Not Belong on This Road

Comstock/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Have you ever been driving along some twisting back road only to get nearly run off a corner by some 80-foot mega-beast that surely has no business being on that road? Well, it probably didn’t have any business on that road, and that trucker wasn’t an asshole, he was a spider: He was more scared than you were. It’s hard to imagine anyone getting thoroughly lost in the days of smartphones and GPS, but that’s not always the best option for a trucker:

Creatas Images/Creatas/Getty Images
Plus, the highway patrol is really leery of sextant navigation.

“The primary reason trucking companies want us using GPS is because they plot the absolute shortest route possible, regardless of how efficient or safe,” Quis told us. “But believe me, shorter does not equal quicker.” His GPS once led him down a street that “a pickup would have trouble turning around in,” and he ended up knocking over a streetlamp without even realizing it. Trucks aren’t supposed to go into residential areas, but at the same time, they often have to make deliveries to residential areas.

Spline ended up in a worse situation. Near where she lives in Oregon, there’s a road called the 242, which (on paper) is the shortest route between Sisters and Eugene — but in reality, it’s not a route you can take with a truck. But your GPS doesn’t know that, and if you don’t do your own research, you’ll be slaloming a metal whale across a winding highway that even sport bikes have trouble taking at speed.

Pawe‚ Kuźniar, via Wikipedia
“Just shift down to third, wuss. You’ll be fine.”

#3. Yes, Prostitutes and Drugs Are Everywhere

Mark Rasmussen/Hemera/Getty Images

If you’ve ever been to a truck stop, you’ve probably interacted with a prostitute and not known it. Or absolutely, unquestionably known all about it. It really depends on the subtlety of the prostitute. “Lot lizards” are a permanent fixture at most depots, and will work in conjunction with drug dealers and pimps to keep professional rambling men buried in their chosen vice. Spline told us this story:

“The dude I was driving with — he and I were, well, you know — and there was a knock on the door. Turned out to be a prostitute who wanted to know if we wanted extra company.”

That’s how bold the lot lizards are: They see you right in the middle of boning, and they still try to sell you some boning.

Franck Camhi/Hemera/Getty Images
There may be worse ways to earn rent, but we sure as hell can’t think of any.

The dealers use the CB radio waves — that’s the thing you use to holler “10-4, good buddy” and sing “Convoy” and then say “I’m sorry, I’ll stop now and never use it again” — to advertise “white smoke” (meth). When the cops show up, truckers repay the favor by telling the lot lizards where they are, sometimes letting them hide out in their truck until the heat dies down.

Which makes sense, because the cops are way more interested in nailing the women than the johns. That’s something they’ve got in common with the johns, actually.

Stockbyte/Stockbyte/Getty Images
Of course, after spending all your time at a rural truck stop, jail is probably welcomed relief.

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Meet the cops who give Doritos to potheads!



After Washington voters legalized pot in November, Seattle’s PD

wants to be “cool,” and connect with the weed crowd


Meet the cops who give Doritos to potheads!Seattle Police Department Detectives hand out bags of Doritos during the Hempfest rally in Seattle, August 17, 2013. (Credit: Reuters/Matt Mcknight)

“Never in my career did I guess that I’d be passing out delicious snacks at Hempfest,” Sean Whitcomb told Salon. “But that happened.” Hempfest goers seemed equally surprised to find Whitcomb, a sergeant in the Seattle Police Department, handing out bags of Doritos and not court summonses among the bong vendors and joint smokers at the city’s annual outdoor pot festival.

They’re typically arch-nemeses, potheads and police officers, but the munchies were a big hit and both sides seemed to relish the irony, with the bags now selling on eBay for as much as much as $50 a pop.

Whitcomb and his fellow officers are trying to make positive interactions like this between two groups historically skeptical of each other more commonplace after voters in the Evergreen State legalized pot in November. They’re trying to educate — the Doritos bags came with information about the new law — but beyond that, they’re trying to make a connection.

Like parents who look the other way as their kids drink a few beers with friends (but confiscate everyone’s keys), the Seattle cops also seem almost desperate to be liked. They return confiscated stasheswrite funny blog posts and use their official Twitter account to announce that the chief of police pulled over a truck adorned with fake pot leaves — in order to give the driver directions to Hempfest. And so what if there’s nothing less cool that someone trying really hard to be cool — can you really blame them?

“Absurd marijuana prohibition laws have long fueled contempt for law enforcement officials, and this type of outreach can help patch up that relationship between police and the public,” said Mason Tvert of the Marijuana Policy Project, a pro-legalization group based in Washington, D.C. “It is great to see … The Seattle Police Department appears to be moving forward with the voters, as opposed to resisting the changes demanded by voters, which is unfortunately still the case in far too many communities that have embraced reform.”

Irish Cafe Just Lost All Of Its Tourist Traffic With Sign Banning ‘Loud Americans’

Irish Cafe Just Lost All Of Its Tourist Traffic With Sign Banning ‘Loud Americans’ (Photo)
WORLD •  • 

At least, this cafe in Waterville, Country Kerry, Ireland, with a red, white and blue sign banning “Loud Americans” doesn’t.

The sign on the window of Peter’s Place cafe and hostel in Waterville was spotted by a Northern Irish visitor named Maurice Campbell, who posted a photo of the sign and tweeted: “It must be a great thing in life to have your money made!”





Watch the mass hysteria caused by 1000 people eating ghost peppers

at the same time




Last week in #Copenhagen, a large crowd gathered to collectively hurt themselves for this amusingly masochistic video. Individually wrapped #ghost peppers — a chili pepper that’s about 100 times hotter than a jalapeno — were passed out, and then everyone bit in at the same time…

Woman Gets Weed With Food Order At Sonic


Woman Gets Weed With Food Order At Sonic

Posted: 06/29/2014 8:32 am EDT Updated: 06/29/2014 8:59 am EDT

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FREDERICK, Md. (AP) — A Frederick, Maryland, woman says she was served a bag of marijuana with her fast-food order at a Sonic drive-in.

The Frederick News-Post ( ) reported Friday that Carla McFarland says she found the little plastic baggie in a container along with the French fries she bought Wednesday in Frederick.

McFarland says she complained to a manager and called police. She says a manager later told her an employee had been fired after saying the bag must have slipped from her apron.

Franchise owner John Louderback confirms that the employee no longer works there.

The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office says it’s investigating the matter.

McFarland isn’t laughing. She says her two young children were in the car, within easy reach of the bag.

Sonic Corp. is based in Oklahoma City.

Cops: After Boyfriend Refused To Stop At McDonald’s, Tennessee Woman Ran Him Over With Truck


After an evening out drinking, a Tennessee woman became so angry with her live-in boyfriend for failing to make a McDonald’s pit stop that she struck him three times with his own vehicle.

Crystal Greer Brooks, 33, Santiago Hernandez, 41, and a second man were traveling in Hernandez’s truck early Thursday morning when Brooks got mad because “they didn’t stop at McDonald’s,” according to a Kingsport Police Department report.

Brooks demanded that Hernandez pull over. When he complied, Brooks replaced him in the driver’s seat of the Chevrolet S-10. While Hernandez was standing in front of the truck, Brooks drove into him, knocking the father of her child to the ground. She then “pulled forward and struck him 2 more times with the truck,” police charge.

A responding officer noted that Hernandez had abrasions on his arm and back, and his “clothing appeared torn, consistent with being dragged on the pavement.” Brooks denied plowing into Hernandez, claiming that he had actually jumped on the truck’s hood.

Seen in the above booking photo, Brooks was arrested for aggravated assault and booked into the Sullivan County jail, where she remains in custody.






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