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The woman called police after ‘recognising him from his profile picture’

An optimistic robber friend requested his alleged victim on Facebook the day after he attacked her, according to police.

Riley Allen Mullins, 28, was identified by the woman as her possible attacker after she recognised him from his profile picture, the Kitsap Sun reported.

He has been charged with attacking the woman as she waited at a ferry terminal in Washington on Tuesday.

She was sitting at the Bremerton terminal listening to music through headphones when she was hit in the head from behind, authorities said.

After being struck, a man grabbed her iPod and purse and ran away. She did not recognise the man but noticed a tattoo of a triangle on his neck during the attack.

The next day, the woman received a Facebook friend request and thought she recognised the sender as the man who robbed her.

Police confirmed the Facebook account belonged to Mullins and said his picture showed the triangular neck tattoo.

The woman is not thought to have accepted his request.

Additional reporting by AP

Alleged robber ‘sent victim Facebook friend request after attack’



Where and How Was the Bill and Hillary Clinton 1970s “Hippie” Photo Taken?

Posted: 10/01/2012 11:26 a

My father, Charles F. Palmer, a law school classmate of Bill Clinton, took the photo.

via http://www.clintonlibrary….eline.html

I have a photo of the same exact place and time, with Bill and Hillary in same clothes, but with my mother in the photo. Bill had given them a ride to the train station. Just uploaded it to my twitter feed: @oatespalmer.

My mother and father came to Yale in the fall of 1970, having dated and lived together in Berkeley and in Washington DC. My father was in Bill Clinton’s law class, the class of 1973. (Bob Reich, the future Secretary of Labor, was also in their year.) My mother, Marylouise Oates, received her Masters of Divinity from Yale around the same time. Hillary Rodham was in the Yale law class of 1972, even though she was younger than both Bill Clinton and my father – she went straight to Yale after she graduated from Wellesley.

Shortly after Bill Clinton was elected President, my mother found this photograph (below) in a photo album somewhere and gave me a copy. When Hillary Clinton wrote her memoir, Living History, I saw that the photograph of just her and Bill from Yale was on the back cover — and was credited only to “courtesy of author’s private collection” or something like that. I recognized it as likely being taken around the same time as the photo with my mom, and thought it could have been taken by my dad, too, but didn’t really explore it.

Probably about a year ago, people were posting the “just Bill and Hillary” Yale photo on Facebook, and I looked closely at the two photos side by side and saw that they were clearly taken at the same time and the same place — same building behind them, and Bill Clinton in virtually the exact same pose. I posted the two photographs on my Facebook page.

A few months later — just the other day — a friend who is friends with a Quora staffer sent me the link to this question. I have always wanted to see my dad, now a Superior Court Judge here in Los Angeles, given credit for taking this iconic photograph of the two Clintons.

I have the photo of the Clintons and my mom framed in my house. When I show someone the photo, I like to let them figure out who is in the picture. They inevitably have one of two responses: “HOLY $#&$ LOOK AT BILL CLINTON’S HAIR” or they ignore the Clintons completely — not recognizing them — and instead say, “Check out the boots your mom is rocking!”



Woman who harassed black neighbor ordered to 6 months jail and to write essay on diversity

By JOHN COUNTS Crime and courts report113 Comments
Posted on Thu, Aug 22, 2013 : 5:57 a.m.
Leah_Keaton.jpgLeah Keaton

Courtesy of WCSO

Joseph_Starr.jpgJoseph Starr

Courtesy of WCSO

A 19-year-old woman Ypsilanti Township woman was sentenced Monday to serve six months in jail and then two years on probation for using a racial slur and pushing her black neighbor.

Judge Darlene O’Brien also ordered that Leah Keaton to write a 200-250 word essay on diversity and attend a racial sensitivity class.

“It’s very, very hurtful behavior,” O’Brien said.

Keaton was tearful and spoke barely above a whisper when asked if she had any statement to make before O’Brien passed sentence.

“I want to get my life on a better track,” she said.

Keaton was also ordered to not have any contact with either the victim, or her ex-boyfriend, Joseph Starr, who participated in harassing the 23-year-old black woman in the early morning hours of July 3.

Both Starr and Keaton were charged with one count of ethnic intimidation. Starr also faced a charge of disturbing the peace. Both felony counts against Starr were dismissed in a plea deal struck at a July hearing, court records indicate.

He eventually pleaded no contest to an added count of assault and battery and was sentenced on Aug. 8 to 60 days in jail with credit for 32 days served, according to records and officials.

Assistant Washtenaw County Public Defender Laura Dudley argued Keaton was under the racist influence of Starr, who she referred to as Keaton’s ex-boyfriend. Dudley said Keaton has a bipolar disorder and that the vulnerable 19-year-old was taken advantage of by Starr “who did hold these beliefs.”

Assistant Washtenaw County Prosecutor Brenda Taylor argued for the stiff sentence, which went above what was recommended to the judge by the probation department.

Taylor said she was appalled when she heard about the racially motivated incident and that Keaton “bragged” about it in an obscene Facebook post, which Taylor read aloud to the court.

“You are a danger to the race you are targeting,” Taylor said.

Keaton pleaded guilty to one count of ethnic intimidation on July 23, when a count of assault and battery was dismissed.

The female victim lived next door to Starr and Keaton in the 1100 block of Hull Avenue in Ypsilanti Township.

Deputies were called there around 1 a.m. July 3 for a dispute. The 23-year-old woman told police that she overheard Keaton and Starr through an open window using a racial epithet when referring to her, according to police. The woman said after hearing it about eight to 10 times, she went next door to ask them to stop.

Keaton then pushed the women to the ground and closed the door, according to police. When officers arrived and knocked on Keaton and Starr’s door, no one answered. Officers left, but were then called back to the same houses two hours later after receiving reports Keaton and Starr were outside singing songs about killing black people and were throwing rocks at the 23-year-old’s house, police said.

Officers continued to investigate and learned Keaton and Starr had been using the same racial slur with the 23-year-old woman’s 63-year-old father and also neighborhood children of Asian descent, Fox said.

Keaton and Starr were arrested a few days after the July 3 incident and have remained jailed since.




Woman Dislocates Her Jaw Biting Into a Giant “America” Burger, Still Claims “Burger Was Amazing!”

by John BooneTue., Aug. 20, 2013 4:25 PM PDT

Nicola Peate, Almost Famous BurgerFacebook

They say don’t bite the hand that feeds you, but this is a whole new issue: Nicole Peate, a 25-year-old from England, dislocated her jaw after biting into a triple-layer burger.

The burger, called the “Kids in America Burger,” is three patties, pretzels and candied bacon and offered at the Almost Famous restaurant in Liverpool.

“I didn’t think I’d dislocated it,” Peate confessed to BBC. “You don’t expect it to happen eating a burger, but I tried to eat it with a knife and fork and couldn’t. I couldn’t open my mouth fully—it felt like I had cramp in my tongue, then I started to get an earache and a headache.”

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Nicola Peate, Almost Famous BurgerFacebook

She continues, “The next morning, I felt really, really ill. The whole side of my head was hurting, then it started to feel like it was in my jaw and I knew I’d dislocated it.”

Nicole went to the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, where she had her dislocated jaw reset.

Peate suffers from Ehlers-Danlos Sydnrome (EDS), which makes her joints prone to dislocating, though she tweeted it’s “still no excuse” and her attempt to eat the burger was “a poor effort.” (She also says, “aside from the odd dislocation it’s mainly just good party tricks!”

On her “#criiiiinge”-worthy story going viral, Nicole, who is a social media manger, explained it “started as a press release for how well Liverpool Royal handled EDS – its got a bit out of hand!”

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“Haha I’m mortified but I can vouch that my 1 bite of burger was amazing. I’ll be back!” she has since tweeted. “Maybe give me a week though for when I’m allowed to open my mouth wider than a 50 pence piece.”

The BBC quotes advice from emergency department clinical director Kathryn Clark for Peate’s next visit: “If food is too large, we would recommend cutting it into more manageable chunks”.

Be careful out there, people.

And for the record, her fiancé, Neil, finished the first burger for her.