1,000 People Are Living In Flooded Tunnels Below Las Vegas

By  on November 5, 2010

Tunnel People

According to the Daily Mail there are 1,000 people living in makeshift homes in flooded tunnels underneath Las Vegas.

They have been there for five years, fashioning a shower out of a water cooler, hanging paintings on the walls and collating a library from abandoned books.

Their possessions, however, are carefully placed in plastic crates to stop them getting soaked by the noxious water pooling on the floor.


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  1. Yesterday, this post inspired me to look into this a bit more. I watched several old news stories about these storm drain dwellers. An amazing and dangerous place to live. When the flash floods come, even a very sexy guy isn’t going to be much help. Interesting!

    • I could imagine living there-as my husband and I lived in a moldy apartment with no stove and no heat-we roughed it-if he was still alive and I was younger I might consider it-don’t like the idea of putting everything in crates though- I imagine the homeless are the majority of people and young people do it for kicks- isn’t the Internet wonderful? – no cable down there though! so why are you called elephant?

      • Flash floods in the desert happen so quickly, and these poor people loose all their stuff when the water washes through their “home.” Bye, bye crates – no problem your stuff and the crate are gone!

        No TV? – well, it would be no TV, no phone, no sanitation, no security, no light, no heat, no fresh water, no electricity, . . . The people living there have my respect – it would be tough.

        Dampness would work down there – cooler and better than the standing water some of them had all around them. No stove? Well, that might be the least of their worries – hard to cook in the total darkness without any gas or electric.

        Respectfully, I don’t think a crappy apartment really compares to living in a storm drain. Obviously, you are kidding about someone living there for kicks and all the rest, but I was really saddened by how awful and dangerous it is down there under Vegas. Let us hope that everyone there is presented with an alternative – your old roughing it apartment it looking good!

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