Come visit Belvidere and enjoy its rich “Victorian Era” history and architecture.

Nestled in the Highlands area of Northwest New Jersey, the town of Belvidere is located at the junction of the picturesque Delaware and Pequest rivers.  The Pequest, smaller of the two, is one of the State’s top trout fishing streams.  The Delaware, separating Pennsylvania and New Jersey, offers a variety of water sports including boating, canoeing, tubing, and rafting. 
As the county seat of Warren, Belvidere hosts a stately Courthouse.  This imposing structure anchors a certified historic district containing many beautiful Victorian style homes.  Founded in 1777, the town received its name from Robert Morris, signer of the Declaration of Independence and financier of the Revolution.  Today, Belvidere is a thriving crossroads, while maintainging its quite picturesque residential charm.  

Belvidere houses Warren County’s government services, boutique specialty retailers, performing arts, and a wide variety of tourism and recreational activities.

You are invited to surf our web site to find out more about our town and its calendar of exciting events throughout the four seasons.  Explore our tree lined parks, browse through our historic Victorian district attractions and gardens, discover our unique shops offering antiques and rare collectable items, and learn about dining and lodging choices within our pretty one square mile town.  

Interested in something different?  Did you know Belvidere has more certified historic and Victorian homes per square mile than any other New Jersey town?  The town celebrates its heritage during annual Victorian Days, generally held the first weekend after Labor Day in September.  Thousands of visitors and residents stroll the streets and enjoy festivities in the town Square, many in period costume.  And, at various times during the year the local Historical Society offers walking tours for an up-close look at our preserved treasures.    

Enjoy your web tour…better yet, we want you to enjoy our town.  We hope to see you soon in person!  


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