Was born in Louisville Ky in 1937.He was an outlaw and literary figure. He loved guns and books. He was arrested at a young age for stealing a wallet with two other people.
He was part of a street gang of pranksters. He came from a poor family.

He was best know for writing “Fear and loathing in Las Vegas.” and creating Gonzo Journalism.” This is when a reporter gets so involved in the story he writes himself in the story. He was an alcoholic and drug user and always looking for a controversial story.
He became very interested in the counter culture of the 60’s.

He was married to Sandy Conklin in 1963 and they had one son, Juan. They were divorced in 1980.

His first book “Hells Angels A Strange And Terrible Saga” was published in 1967. He also wrote for “Rolling Stone” about the presidential campaign of 1972.

He was notorious for his outrageousness and being an anti authoritarian. He constantly terrorized his neighbors in Colorado.

Thompson was ill for several years and in 2005committed suicide by shooting himself. His ashes were shot from a cannon to “Mr. Tamborine Man” by Bob Dylan.

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  1. Oh my gosh. I saw Johnny Depp talking about shooting Hunter’s ashes out of a cannon, but I never knew it was to the tune of Mr. Tamborine Man from one of my other idols, Bob Dylan. Wow. Great photos. Great share, thanks Miss Ana!

  2. HST certainly went out in style what a way to go! I finished watching “where the buffalo roam” the movie (a comedy) about hst it was cool-hst was crazy, brash, and funny-can’t help but like the man a little more!!

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