The Houseboat Summit: February, 1967, Sausalito, Calif.Taken from ‘The Oracle’ Issue no. 7
Featuring Timothy Leary, Gary Snyder, Alan Watts and Allen Ginsberg
The Houseboat Summit
Featuring Timothy Leary, Gary Snyder, Alan Watts and Allen GinsbergPart One: Changes
Watts: …Look the, we’re going to discuss where it’s going…the whole problem of whether to drop out or take over.Leary: Or anything in between?Watts: Or anything in between, sure.Leary: Cop out…drop in…Snyder: I see it as the problem about whether or not to throw all you energies to thesubculture or try to maintain some communication network within the main culture.Watts: Yes. All right. Now look…I would like to make a preliminary announcement sothat it has a certain coherence.This is Alan Watts speaking, and I’m this evening, on my ferry boat, the host to afascinating party sponsored by the San Francisco Oracle, which is our newunderground paper, far-outer than any far-out that has yet been seen. And we havehere, members of the staff of the Oracle. We have Allen Ginsberg, poet, and rabbinicsaddhu. We have Timothy Leary, about whom nothing needs to be said. (laughs) AndGary Snyder, also poet, Zen monk, and old friend of many years.Ginsberg: This swami wants you to introduce him in Berkeley. He’s going to have aKirtan to sanctify the peace movement. So what I said is, he ought to invite JerryRubin and Mario Savio, and his cohorts. And he said: “Great, great, great!”So I said, “Why don’t you invite the Hell’s Angels, too?” He said: “Great, great, great!When are we gonna get hold of them?So I think that’s one next feature…Watts: You know, what is being said here, isn’t it: To sanctify the peace movement isto take the violence out of it. Ginsberg: Well, to point attention to its root nature,which is desire for peace, which is equivalent to the goals of all the wisdom schoolsand all the Saddhanas.


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