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  1. Double thanks for the stumbleupon link. Hunter, my man. And Johnny did such a great job of playing him in both “Fear and Loathing” and “Rum Diary.” I’ve read both books along with “Hells Angels” (fascinating) and “The Great Shark Hunt.” Miss Ana, do you remember the very first comment I made when I found the hiway. “I’m….home.” A line taken from my favorite sci-fi movie, “Planet of the Apes.” I knew right from the first step I took on the hiway. “It’s destiny, Taylor.”

    • mr. beach bum -I have not read the shark book or seen the rum diaries-but yes fear and loathing- I think hunter t. was terribly arrogant-although I do post stuff about him- but there is one person patti smith-whom I saw live in n.y. who is unbelievably stuck up-it took her about 15 mins to begin her performance-keeping everyone waiting-sorry I went off on a tangent there-so you are a quoted-I thought you said that about beatnik hiway all by yourself-shame on you! anyway I really appreciate all your views-I really do-thanks-happy beach combing!

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