Pot Ransom


rewarded with 15 years in prison.

#3.  Pot Ransom

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Every so often you’ll hear about a plot cops come up with to catch criminals that’s so brilliant in its stupidity, you’re convinced it could never work. The most famous is inviting parole violators to come to the police station to pick up a boat or a vacation they won, which somehow actually duped a good number of idiots into showing up.

Managing to be even more brazen were police in Marathon, Florida, who found a small grow operation and seized all the plants, leaving behind nothing but a ransom note that basically said if you want your pot back, call to negotiate. So Steve Locasio called.

I like to think cries of “derp” echoed throughout the halls of the police station after the call was made, especially since they’d only left the note as a joke in the first place. Nonetheless, Locasio called looking for his weed and negotiated a price of $200, which he handed over to an undercover officer shortly thereafter, just before being arrested.

Read more:  http://www.cracked.com/blog/8-criminals-who-took-dumbassery-to-staggering-heights_p2/#ixzz2qlgq2Glm

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  1. Hey Miss Ana. How ya doing? This is a bummer. Fines from these busts — or any pot bust — make money for governments. That’s probably the biggest reason pot hasn’t been legalized, although The Man would never admit that. Our government then turns around and misuses the money. Thoughts, anyone?

    • Very often the cops keep the pot to smoke themselves and the other idiot cops burn it like a bonfire-sacrilegious! It’s time to legalize- but what about prices- who decides that?

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