Things were going slowly at the Mobil, it was pouring down rain, and there were few customers that day. Greg was grateful for that. He was tall and lanky, with an awkward way about him. His thinning beige hair was cut into a mullet and he had a ring in his left ear. He was wearing dirty green overalls. His name above the pocket was half ripped off, GR—in embroidered yellow thread.


            He stood in the garage doorway watching the rain stream down the gutter.

What a boring day this is, and it’s my 21st birthday of all things and here I am at 21 and look at me-I am a gas station attendant, fuck this shit. He thought as he flipped through a “Car and Driver magazine, looking at all the cars he would never drive.


Jim was in the back of the, garage under a black Civic fiddling around.


             “Hey Jim take a break and lets have a coffee break.””

            “What Greg? I can’t hear you. Turn down the boom box.”


Greg turned off the radio and repeated himself. Jim rolled out from under the car, and stood up. He was a big guy, and creaked when he stood up.


            “Still pouring huh?”

            “Yes it’s a shitty day alright.”


There was a row of dilapidated row homes and a Korean market next to them. A

delivery truck was unloading goods for the market. A tubby  woman with a tiny dog was rushing through the rain with a stripped umbrella, yelling at the pooch


            “Go make poo poo Twiddles.”

Greg and Jim looked at each other.

            “Stupid little scrawny piece of shit.”  Greg yelled, then ran inside and burst out laughing. The woman who by now was squatting down next to Twiddles with a plastic bag about to pick up the steamy shit looked up, and almost lost her balance.


       “You young men should leave me and Twiddles alone, do you hear me? I will complain to your boss if you yell anything else to insult my doggie and me.”

 She gave an angry scowl to the two men, and hurried away down the empty street -shit in hand.


It was almost 5pm. And both men were looking to get home. They locked the doors, just as Greg was climbing into his car, a blue station wagon pulled up. The windows were pulled down.

            “Happy Birthday.” Came from front and back of the car. Greg looked closer, and saw all his friends from the bowling alley.

            “What’s up guys-how do you know it’s my birthday?”

            “It’s more than that Greg, it’s your 21st-the all-important day of your life, and everything is legal-if you know what we mean. There was a roar of laughter from inside the car.

            “Come on in Greg and Jim, wes going to celebrate this joyous occasion.


Greg and Jim stuffed themselves into the already bursting wagon. The smell of pot and beer filled the car.


             “Can I have a toke on that fellas.”

            “Sure Greg.”

            “Where are we going?”                                                                                2

            “To Noddy’s for your first legal drink!”

            “Great guys that will be fun.”

Greg was somewhat high. 

They parked outside of Noddys and headed inside the bar. Many of the regulars were there, Johnny the Cab, Peter the Pizza Pie, Dave the Dry Cleaner, and others Greg knew from high school. In the corner were a bunch of girls giggling.They ordered beer and hamburgers with cheese fries. Noddy was keeping an eye on them, and the young girls. When young people barely over the age limit came into his bar they usually got rowdy.

The  giggling girls were appealing to the young men, and soon their tables were pulled together. They kept ordering beer then added shots. They became raucous as ever, spilling beer all around them. The guys were getting hooked up with the girls, and one particularly pretty girl with short blond hair and the bluest eyes Greg had ever seen cuddled up to him.


            “What’s your name?” Asked Greg.


            “ Patty, where you from?”

“Randolph, I usually go to another bar, but your friends invited me here for your birthday. It’s your 21st am I right?”

“Yeah it is but I Don’t ark to new people easy.”

“I have it all under control. Let me do the steering okay?”

Greg was puzzled with the pretty girl’s talk and shifted on his barstool.

“I have to go soon Patty maybe another time, I gotta go.”

“Come on now Greg relax, you just got here.”

 She rubbed his thigh with her leg. Greg turned red. He didn’t know what the heck to do. He’d always been shy and had a hard time meeting girls. She started to play with his hair. Greg was getting very nervous, but tried to look cool around them, anyway they were all doing their thing and weren’t looking.

             “You’re cute.” She said kissing his cheek, trying to reach his mouth.

            “Let me just kiss you.”

 He tilted his head and she kissed his mouth. She tasted of strawberries. Her big blues looked into his. He felt himself growing under his overalls.

   She whispered in his ear. “Let’s go upstairs, Noddy has a spare room he lets us use it  if  we are too drunk to drive.”

            “I can’t.” Greg stuttered.  “If I am guessing what you mean?”

“We’ll have fun Greg, I promise” She took his hand and pulled him up.

His body tangled with the expectation of that he knew not what to expect.

            “Come on, we have to sneak up, or the bartender will notice us.”

She took his hand and led his around the corner. They passed Mary in the kitchen, and crept up the creaky stairs.

             “Here Greg this door on the right.” She opened it and they went in.

 There was a big bed, with plaid pillows and comforter. She, despite his nervousness got him undressed and soon they were both under the covers kissing. Much of his nervousness disappeared as the kisses were turning him on. She climbed on top of him pressing his shoulders to the bed.

              “What are you doing he moaned.”                                              3

            “Around the world.”

            “What’s that?” He said worriedly.

            “For you a bit of everything.”

            “No fucking way, is that right?”

            “Yeah Greg for you everything.”

  She road him like a stallion, and he moaned and growled when her titties brushed his mouth. She changed positions, and while keeping him from cuming she performed everything she knew and more. Greg was soaring in ecstasy, he wanted it to last forever, but he could no longer do that than change a tire on a car.

He heaved and she moaned, and their orgasms lit the room.

              “Happy Birthday Greg from all your friends!” She got on her elbow and  lit two cigarettes handing one to him. Then laughed, tickling the bottom of his feet.

            “This was your first time.?”

            “Yes said Greg, and my first cigarette!”


An excerpt from “Noddy’s Bar & Grill” Ana Christy.

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