the-majestic the-deer-hunter-robert-deniro-1978-c-universal-pictures-courtesy-everett-collection reservoir-dogsamerican-beauty (2) reservoir-dogs full-metal-jacketthe-shawshank-redemption

As the Oscars are coming down on us this Sunday and I prepare to watch with “laughing cow” cheese triangles smeared on crackers and tea, I Will not comment on the posing actresses in their borrowed floor length gowns and dripping diamonds. I will wait to see which movies got an award this year. Yes I like Captain Phillips and The Wolf of Wall street, Leonardo is spectacular and Tom Hanks is spectacular as always. I couldn’t stand the movie “Her” of “Gravity” and moldy enjoyed “Twelve Years a Slave”.” “Gravity” bored me to death-a lot of floating around in space caught on this and that I have yet to see Nebraska or American Hustle.

So the best picture goes to “The Wolf of Wall Street” and I guess the runner is “Captain Phillips” (Phillips can be spelled so many ways,I just picked one-sorry if I am wrong)

Here are the top 50 movie moments of all time, hope you enjoy!

Please check out my previous last three postings as you got no notifications about them-thanks hobo hippie

“if you can pronounce these words”
“Gregory COrso
Hiway america

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