hippie names are back with a vengeance

hippie names are back with a vengeance







About hobo hippie

Hi I am an old hippie, a "beat" poet and novelist, and digital artist. I was co -editor and publisher of "Alpha Beat Press" alpha beat soup, bouillabaisse and cokefish and cokefishing in alpha beat soup with my late husband Dave Christy. My novel "eeenie meenie minee moe is for sale on amazon books. my other blogs are http://tilliespuncturedromance.wordpress.com about humor and the weird. The blog is named after a Charlie Chaplin movie. http://concretebologna.wordpress.com a blog about world art.

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  1. Love your clips. I’m so glad I entered college just as the hippie time began. I still love to dress like a gypsy. As for the earlier beatnik period, I still call my father Daddy-O.

    • Glad you enjoyed the hippie pictures-the 60’s were the best years of my life-everyone says I am stuck in the 60’s! Your dad must be cool-my parents were very uncool-they were disgusted over the beatles haircuts! Peace

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