Pic Of The Day – This Is The Definition Of Absolute Gentlemanliness

Pic Of The Day – This Is The Definition Of Absolute Gentlemanliness

Pic Of The Day – This Is The Definition Of Absolute Gentleman

by @Illsueya


We have talked about quite a few absolute gentlemen here on the pages of Her.ie, but we think this is certainly one of our favourites off that very extensive list!

The man in question is an employee of a College Hunks removal company who became stuck in an elevator with an elderly lady over the weekend.

Rather than let the poor lady in question stand up and wait, this lovely guy decided he would make himself into a chair and allow her to sit on his back.

The President of the removal company told the Huffington Post: ”The response to the picture is mind blowing. Thousands of people are sharing it and posting it on social media. I think what’s great about it is that it’s a genuine moment caught on camera. A lot of people say the younger generation has lost certain values. But one small picture shows that chivalry and hard work are still very much alive in our youth.”


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