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ads of the 60’s


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Yes, our product is number one among insane vegan fashionistas!

From Woman’s Day for April 1962.


Ads from the space age With the consumerist euphoria of the fifties still going strong and the race to the moon at its height, the mood of advertising in the sixties was cheerful, optimistic, and at times, revolutionary. The decade’s ads touted perceived progress (such as Tang-?just add water?) while striving to reinforce good old American values. Stars like Raquel Welch, Sean Connery, Woody Allen, and Sammy Davis Jr. endorsed everything from sunglasses to bourbon to handmade suits in an attempt by Madison Avenue to urge Americans to open their wallets and participate in one giant consumer binge. Social change at the end of the era brought psychedelic swirls and liberated women and minorities to a newly conscious public. From forgotten cars such as the Studebaker Avanti, to cigarettes (?Marlboro… a man’s world of flavor?) to food, clothing, consumer products, furniture, travel, and much more, this colorful collection of print ads explores the wide, wonderful world of 60s Americana.


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Rare early 60s tv commercial for Mattel’s Tommy Burst submachine gun detective set. This was my favorite toy of all time. Load in some fresh caps, pull the bolt back, and it made a God-awful noise and it produced a small cloud of smoke around the barrel tip. It was fantastic!! Guaranteed to take your friends & relatives down, one at a time. ^_^


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a compilation of commercials from the 60’s. Cars, cigarettes, aspirin, pickles, the whole nine!


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The commercials from the ’60s and ’70s were just about as memorable as the shows. From the Frito Bandito to Old Iron Eyes Cody with that unforgettable tear in his eye, these were the classic TV spots I remember most.


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‘Playboy’ Ads From 1967 Remind Us Of The ‘

Mad Men’ Era

Posted: 04/26/2013 2:05 pm EDT Updated: 04/26/2013 2:05 pm EDT


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Though Playboy might have been slightly more classy back in the day than it is now, the general premise of the magazine seems to have remained the same over time: convincing men that they’re worthy of good-looking girls, and plastering such girls all over their editorial pages.

Redditor mixedveggies posted some of the pages from the April 1967 issue of Playboy. Particularly notable is this Vivitar Super 8 Movie Camera ad, which compares the features of the camera model to the features of the actual model:

playboy ad 1967

“Head tilts, pans, swivels and nods.” “This model not for sale.” “Control center.” Always good to see women being treated like human beings.

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