Grateful Dead Archive Online (GDAO) celebrates public opening for ‘researchers interested in sixties counterculture’ at McHenry Library, University of California, Santa Cruz, June 29, 2012




“A Box of Rain: Archiving the Grateful Dead Phenomenon.”

This exhibit traces the history of the Grateful Dead and their cultural impact through the lens of their incomparable archive at UC Santa Cruz. From their early seminal experiences in the Acid Tests to the final transfer of their Archive to UCSC, the twin paths of the band and their archive come to life in this colorful, historic exhibit.

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Grateful Dead Archive

UC Santa Cruz will celebrate the public opening of the Grateful Dead Archive  on:

Friday, June 29, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at McHenry Library

The celebration will take place on the south lawn of McHenry Library and feature music from Moonalice, a renowned Northern California band known for its extended…

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