These Graves From Around The World Are Sweet, Strange And Just Bizarre.

These Graves From Around The World Are Sweet, Strange And Just Bizarre.
OMG  ———  By Michael Cahill
NOVEMBER 10, 2014
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Graveyards are creepy places to be, there’s no way around that. Sometimes though, the gravestones can be so much spookier than the graveyard itself. Takes these 23 graves for example.

They’re the strangest, most bizarre, and most heartbreaking gravestones we could find.

1.) Weeping at the piano. I wonder if she played…

2.) This woman really loved her Micky Mouse.

3.) I hope this guy didn’t die of anything smoking related.

4.) The grave of a maze maker. Could you solve it?

5.) Sleeping forever.

6.) A tree taking over an old grave.

7.) From a graveyard in Paris, France. It’s a hauntingly beautiful gravestone.

8.) A heart broken mother had this grave designed for her deceased 10-year-old daughter in 1871. While she was alive, the daughter was terrified of storms. The grave was constructed with an entrance that descends to the level of the coffin. Her mother would come and enter the tomb during storms to comfort her child.

9.) This life size girl in the glass box grave was commissioned by the girl’s mother.

10.) This is the grave of a 16-year-old girl. Her sister has this life-sized gravestone commissioned for her.

11.) Endless love, from Thailand.

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