If you’re arrested for dumpster diving, this activist has your back


If you’re arrested for dumpster diving, this activist has your back

Get out there and dumpster dive for food, says Rob Greenfield. He’ll pay your tickets.

A huge percentage of food gets wasted each and every day in much of the developed world, and yet millions of people in those same countries don’t always know where their next meal is coming from. When the amount of food waste is viewed in comparison to the number of people who experience food insecurity on a regular basis, one obvious solution would be to feed people some of the food that would otherwise end up in the dumpster.

Some food businesses and retailers are moving in that direction, by donating some of their ‘past date’ or blemished items to local food banks or charitable organizations, but that still seems to be the exception, rather than the rule. But for the individual, family, or group that wants to be able to eat (or to feed others) for free from this wasted food, dumpster diving is usually the only recourse. Sometimes, just asking if you can have the ‘day-old’ baked goods or the slightly wilted produce can be successful, but many businesses don’t allow their employees to give away the food, so it ends up in the dumpster.

We’ve covered dumpster diving pretty extensively over the years, and while it isn’t for everyone (even though it’s not nearly as gross as the name might imply), or for every meal, taking advantage of this free food that will otherwise end up in the landfill could be one solution to feeding the hungry (or yourself) for free, using the resources already at hand.

One food waste activist, Rob Greenfield, who fueled his cross-country bike tour with dumpster food, wants to bring more awareness (and change) to what he calls the Food Waste Fiasco, and to that end, he’s promised to cover you if you get arrested for dumpster diving for food.

“If you get arrested or ticketed for dumpster diving for food I promise to pay the ticket(s), get media coverage to the issue, and make sure that you are in safe hands. I will even travel to your town to be there in person if it will add to the positive impact of the event.” – Rob Greenfield

Rob isn’t encouraging anyone to get arrested for dumpster diving, but rather to stop being afraid of being arrested or ticketed for the practice, which he says isn’t illegal in most places (unlike trespassing, which is). Check out his post about it at his site, which also has links to some great Freegan and dumpster diving resources.

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