HIWAY AMERICA – The Oneonta Gorge Oregon, a time lapse Of Portland and weird Portland Oregon




 Called “Finding Portland”, it took production company Uncage the Soul 51 days and more than 300,000 individual photos to assemble. Thanks to the magic of time lapse photography, each second contains 3.8 hours.

My favorite parts are the Shamrock Run at 1:05 and the long pan out starting at 1:24 that shows just how incredibly beautiful—and close by—the nature aroundPortland is.

Oneonta Gorge, Oregon

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Oneonta Gorge is one of those hidden treasures that you just have to see to believe. Tucked away within the stunning Columbia River Gorge (which is a natural wonder all on its own), this magical creek might be one of America’s most beautiful hikes. It was a miner ’49er named Carleton Eugene Watkins, originally on the West Coast for the California gold rush, who first photographed the area, and he was the one who gave the gorge its name– he called it “Oneonta” after his hometown of Oneonta, New York.

Located near Page, Ariz., this brilliant slot canyon is split into two different sections, commonly referred to as “The Crack” and “The Corkscrew.” The natural canvas of color and unique structure is an Instgrammer’s dream.

zschnepf / shutterstock.com

zschnepf / shutterstock.com

Flickr: gorgejeff / Creative Commons

 The Oneonta Gorge is in the Columbia River Gorge with a unique set of aquatic and woodland plants. The ferns and moss make the walls look like a fairy tale, and visitors can walk through the creek on a warm summer day.

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