Bradford Loomis Cover Of Leonard Cohen


Bradford Loomis Cover Of Leonard Cohen

Bradford Loomis feels a powerful kinship to the songs and stories of a bygone era. This can be seen in his rendition of this famously popular song. His style is gritty and melodic, reflecting the roots of American folklore. When he sings “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen, it’s easy to hear his passion and hope.

Brad’s father was recently diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s. This caused him to go down a different path with his family. Lately he has been thinking a lot about what it means “to be couohenrageous, to be open to being led and to being humble”. While he feels like he does not have enough of these traits, he is doing something about it with his music. His new album, Bravery and the Bell, shows this tension in his life.

Brad’s version of “Hallelujah” is hauntingly beautiful. The atmosphere he creates by recording in such a dark place is mirrored in his singing. He puts his heart and soul into his performance, leaving the audience with a lasting emotional impression.


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