Radical hippie dwarf gets big time for bomb plot


Radical hippie dwarf gets big time for bomb plot

The so-called radical hippie dwarf David Ansberry was jailed for 27 years in a plot to blow up a Colorado police station.US ATTORNEY

A bitter radical hippie dwarf with a 50-year chip on his shoulder has been jailed 27 years for planting a bomb outside a police station.

David Ansberry, 67, pleaded guilty to leaving the device containing chemicals used by al-Qaida thugs, in a bag outside the station in Nederland, Colo., on Oct. 11, 2016.

The pint-sized provocateur said the bomb was retaliation for the 1971 shooting death of his friend, Guy Goughner.

Goughner was reportedly gunned down by the town’s marshal.

While no one was injured in the dwarf’s bomb plot, the judge in the case ruled that it was still an act of terrorism.

And Ansberry wasn’t hard to find.

David Ansberry was no Tyrion Lannister HBO

The 3-foot-6 tiny terrorist was captured on surveillance video after buying phones to use for his death device.

Ansberry has to use crutches because of a brittle bone disease he has suffered from since childhood.

The wheelchair-bound Ansberry told the court that he never meant for the bomb to explode.

However, US District Judge Christine Arguello said dozens of lives could have been snuffed out if the demented dwarf had been able to detonate it remotely.

“[Ansberry] is a sophisticated, calculating, and culpable offender who risked killing public servants indiscriminately to indulge his 40-year-old grudge and send a message to police,” prosecutors wrote.

Once, he had been connected to radical hippies who lived off the land outside Boulder. They were known to be violent.

But Ansberry said he was trying to draw attention to police shootings in the U.S.

His lawyers had argued for a two-year jolt in prison.

“We don’t deserve to be blown off the face of the earth because he has some political grudge,” said Det. Darragh O’Nuallain, who cleared out the students from a school next to the police station.

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