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“Brother, [If I Make You Laugh] Can You Spare a Dime?”


“Brother, [If I Make You Laugh] Can You Spare a Dime?”

Though homelessness is no laughing matter, consider comedian Chris Rock’s spoken-word song No Sex (In the Champagne Room):

“If a homeless person has a funny sign,
He hasn’t been homeless that long.
A real homeless person is too hungry to be funny.”

To wit:

1. Cut the guy some slack, you know what he means.


2. This guy’s brave, that’s all we can say.



3. Albus Dumbledore Outed, Fired as Headmaster at Prestigious Hogwarts, Last Seen Panhandling in Kingston upon Thames


4. Gotta love the enthusiasm.


5. Translation? “My life’s amok. It really sucks.”


6. Working hard or hardly working?


7. Had Jerry Garcia been tone-deaf.


8. When you wish upon a star…


9.  Makes no bones about it, does he?


10. If you could just channel some of that creativity…



Watch 92-year-old man serenades 90-year-old wife, brings everyone to tears —


NEWKIRIK, OK – In case you need reassurance that everlasting love really does exist, this video of a couple at their 50th anniversary party will certainly help. Back in the 1960’s, Harvey and Mildred Wosika met while she was working at his brother’s café. The couple hit it off and they were married on August…

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Man Turns Old Truck Into Mobile Shower For Homeless People To Wash Up And Restore Their Dignity

Man Turns Old Truck Into Mobile Shower For Homeless People To Wash Up And Restore Their Dignity

Man Turns Old Truck Into Mobile Shower For Homeless People To Wash Up And Restore Their Dignity

When people want to help the homeless they usually think of providing them with money or goods like food, water, and clothes. But what about their personal hygiene? It’s just as important. Soap, clean water, a safe washing facility – these…

this woman knits cozy hats and jumpers for homeless greyhounds


This woman knits cosy hats and jumpers for homeless greyhounds at Christmas
Alison Lynch for 2 Dec 2015 8:27 am
This woman knits cosy hats and jumpers for homeless greyhounds at Christmas
Just some greyhounds in Christmas hats (Picture: Caters)
Dog lover Jan Brown (aka Knitty Jan) has spent more than 4,000 hours knitting cosy hats, jumpers and snoods for homeless greyhounds.

Fifty-two-year-old mum Jan from Seaburn in Sunderland, started making her cheery knits five years ago and has now hand-knitted over 300 jumpers for abandoned dogs.

Each one is made with love and can take her up to 20 hours to complete.

She started knitting her woolly hats, scarves and jumpers for Greyhound Rescue Northeast, a small family-run rescue centre based in Tyne & Wear, in 2008. They rescue retired greyhounds, whippets and the odd lurcher and find them new homes.

Caters 3
This guy LOVES his pom pom hat (Picture: Caters)
To keep up with demand, Jan quit her job in 2012 and started knitting full-time. She now sells her knits to dog owners around the world, via her Knitted With Love website, with all profits going towards supplying jumpers to rescue centres across the UK, free of charge.

Kerry Elliman from the Birmingham Greyhounds Protection says her help is invaluable: ‘Jan’s been absolutely amazing for us – she’s saved us a lot of money that we need to spend on vet bills for our greyhounds.’

At Christmas, Jan ramps up the festive knits, making Father Christmas outfits, woolly antlers and Christmas hats for the pups.

‘I can’t think of anything I would rather do than knit woolly clothing for dogs,’ Jan says. ‘I have spent over 4,000 hours knitting but it’s all worthwhile when I see them sporting their new jumpers and hats.

PIC FROM CATERS NEWS – (PICTURED: Australian customer Donna Matthews with her pets and jumpers ) – Meet the mum who spends more than 4,000 hours knitting Christmassy jumpers for abandoned dogs. Jan Brown, 52, from Seaburn, Sunderland, has hand-knitted more than 300 of her festive designs to give a warm woolly gift to homeless greyhounds at Christmas. Each jumper can take the up to 20 hours to complete and are sent to pet rescue centres across the country. Since starting five years ago she has made Father Christmas outfits, antlers to even woolly hats, scarves and snoods for dogs as well as reconditioning old blankets into coats. SEE CATERS COPY.
Australian customer Donna Matthews with her dogs in their knits (Picture: Caters)
‘It’s really sweet seeing them in their festive Christmas jumpers and it’s giving much needed help to the rescue centres,’ she adds, explaining: ‘Greyhounds have very thin fur so they really feel the cold during the winter so my gifts help keep them warm during walks.

‘There are so many dogs that won’t be rehomed this Christmas so for many of them it’s the only gift they will get.’

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When This Little Goldfish Was Sick, His Owner Did The Sweetest Thing


When This Little Goldfish Was Sick, His Owner Did The Sweetest Thing

When goldfish suffer bladder infections, their health can start to rapidly deteriorate. These tiny creatures often die because they can’t swim up in the water due to the infection.

To combat this problem, some crafty owners have recently started to construct “fish wheelchairs” out of various components. These creations not only save the goldfish’s life, but show the entire world just how inventive they can be.

This owner used professional piping to construct a wheelchair that recently became commercially available.

The wheelchairs give fish the ability to stave off the infection and grow strong again.

Watch this amazing creation in action below:

(via Bored Panda)

These inventors prove that with a little innovation, all animals can get a fair shot at life. The wheelchair architects are my personal heroes for what they did to help their little friends. Bravo!


Most cool – ‘Life jacket’ helps disabled goldfish swim again


‘Life jacket’ helps disabled goldfish swim again


Einstein the goldfish, who had lost the ability to swim, is afloat once more after his owner made him a special buoyant frame.

 8:37PM BST 23 Apr 2013

His owner, warehouse worker Leighton Naylor, was so distressed by the sight of his struggling pet, he knew he had to take matters into his own hands.

“He’s always been a fighter so when he sunk to the bottom one day and couldn’t get back up again it was a very sorry sight.

“It broke my heart to see him so helpless. He looked so depressed,” said the 32-year-old from Blackpool.

He made Einstein a “floating frame” from recycled tubing, which fits perfectly over the fish’s two-inch long body.

Adorable “Duck Lanes” Created in England to Protect Birds Alongside Busy Waterways


Adorable “Duck Lanes” Created in England to Protect Birds Alongside Busy Waterways

The Canal & River Trust is an ecological charity that is encouraging people to be mindful of the animals that share our environment. This organization is responsible for maintaining over 2,000 miles of busy waterways in both England and Wales. Alongside these canals,…

NYC Waitress Gets $3,000 Tip On $43.50 Bill


NYC Waitress Gets $3,000 Tip On $43.50 Bill

(via Twitter)

A waitress in Times Square was the beneficiary of a touching pay-it-forward campaign last week when she was given a 7,000% tip on a bill under $50. A regular named Mike left the server $3,000 on a bill of $43.50 to help combat an eviction notice that the woman was recently served, according to Good Morning America. Even more sweet, the gesture was inspired by Mike’s 8th grade science teacher, who began an organization called ReesSpechtLife following a personal tragedy.