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Gator goes shopping at Walmart


An interesting shopper was found outside of an Orange County Wal-Mart late Saturday night. A 6-foot gator was found by the sliding glass door at the Wal-Mart on Orange Blossom Trail in Apopka.

It got a lot of attention from customers and workers.

Walmart employees eventually had to lock the door because it kept sliding open.

Robin Watkins was inside shopping around when someone told her there was a gator outside so she and many others went to check it out. Watkins says she never felt scared; it was just cool to see. “It was just… it was neat. But I am glad they locked the doors for safety because I do have my child with me.”

Watkins says she believes there is a lake nearby, and that’s most likely where the gator came from.

After a while the gator walked into the woods.