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1969 Coupe DeVille , the world’s fastest hot tub turns an old caddy into a carpool Deville


World’s fastest hot tub turns an old Caddy into a Carpool DeVille  Watch Videl below

By Justin Hyde
Jun 26, 2014 3:53 PM
#The Carpool de Ville
“Land yacht” has always been an automotive insult reserved for the full-size American luxury cars of the ’60s and ’70s that assumed size was synonymous with luxury. A 1974 Cadillac Fleetwood 75 was a full two feet longer than the biggest SUV Cadillac will sell you today, which is why they mostly served as limousines and hearses. Today such dimensions seem absurd — unless you’re a group of young engineers dreaming of turning one into a world-record setting hot-tub time machine.

Of course this kind of insanity began in Canada, where #McMasters University engineering students Phil Weicker and Duncan Forster first (drunkenly) took an abandoned ’82 Chevy Malibu and combined the two great pleasures of driving and hot tubbing. That car survived long enough, and won enough acclaim around Canadian auto circles, to merit an invite from the Southern California Timing Association to run at Bonneville Salt Flats — something the duo and friends never could accomplish.

But a dream this powerful never truly dies. In 2008, the duo acquired a crusher-bound #’69 Coupe DeVille, and began a six-year odyssey of restoring the car, transforming it into a working hot tub and building it to specs suitable for land-speed racing. Yes, the engine warms the water. Yes, they can fit a rollcage in there. Yes, there are hand controls because you can’t work pedals underwater.


Man angry after police break into and damage his truck over dubious marijuana suspicion



Man angry after police break into and damage his truck over dubious marijuana suspicion

Odd News
Matthew Heller was returning to his truck after having attended a Juicy J concert in Ybor City, Florida last February when he noticed something was wrong. As Mr. Heller told WFLA News Channel 8, “I come outside, jump in the truck, and the whole thing’s been torn apart inside, wires had been yanked out, the paneling had some scratches on it…” One might think that maybe it was a burglar who had been inside his truck, but nope. It was the police, and Mr. Heller knows that because they left a note saying exactly what they did.
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  • The note police left was left on a tiny piece of paper:


The note police left was left on a tiny piece of paper:


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your car was checked by TPD K-9. The vehicle was searched For marijuana due to a strong odor coming from the passenger side of the vehicle. Any questions call [phone number]

Cpl. Fannin


Mr. Heller is frustrated that police decided to rip his car apart, telling WFLA he would have been happy to let them in the car himself and search without having to cause damage. The truck they ransacked is one he uses for his business, saying, “I’ve got my whole life savings into this truck. It’s like a marketing tool for my business to promote the air horns and everything, just…The horns weren’t working, all the electronics were ripped out.” Oh, and they didn’t find any marijuana because Mr. Heller didn’t have any.


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WFLA asked the Tampa Police Department for comment and was told, “While the search is legal, it is not typical. The Tampa Police Department is now reviewing the specifics of this investigation.” Mr. Heller’s attorney, Dominic Fariello, doesn’t agree with the assertion that the search was legal. Mr. Fariello, speaking with the Tampa Bay Times, wondered if his client’s car was singled out because of its appearance. He told the paper, “It sounds like they saw this vehicle and said, ‘There’s probably drugs in there. Let’s go find them.’ It’s almost like they profiled his truck. I like to call it vehicular discrimination.”

Mr. Heller and his attorney have asked for documentation on the search but have not heard back. Meanwhile, they believe the Tampa Police Department should pay for the damage they caused.




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