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Popular Automobiles of the 60s Decade


Popular Automobiles of the 60s Decade

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1966 Ford Mustang - Image 3 of 13                                                                                                               1966 Ford Mustang
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The 60s was a great decade for automobiles not only because I grew up during that era but because they were cool and practical. Automobiles of the 60s were made for cruisin’. You could pile in all your buddies and collect 50 cents from each of them and because gas at that time was around 30 cents a gallon, you could cruise half the night. You make a run to the hangout then to the pizza joint and down Main Street USA making your stops and verbal jibes at all the people you know. You peeled rubber to show off (except if you had a Corvair.) I had a buddy who had a Corvair and I can’t remember if ever that car peeled rubber and it was a standard which should have made it easier. I characterized the Corvair as one of the worst cars of the 60s although it was very popular at the time.

 If anybody still has their old car from this era please email mewebmaster@the60sofficialsite.com  and I will include its picture on the site. Any memories of 60s cruising or a special car leave a comment in the  Guestbook.

  Do you remember the old Pontiac Service Sign?

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