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40 years after famous photo, Woodstock couple still together


40 years after famous photo, Woodstock couple still together


Woodstock cover couple still together
‘We just had to go,’ remembers woman in iconic 1969 photograph
, ALBANY TIMES UNION Published 5:30 am, Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bobbi and Nick Ercoline appear on the soundtrack album that immortalized them at the legendary festival. Photo: Rhino Records
Photo: Rhino Records
Image 1 of 2Bobbi and Nick Ercoline appear on the soundtrack album that immortalized them at the legendary festival.
Bobbi and Nick Ercoline appear on the soundtrack album that immortalized them at the legendary festival.

Bobbi Kelly and Nick Ercoline were girlfriend and boyfriend, 20 years old. Bobbi lived in Pine Bush, N.Y., and worked at a bank. Nick lived in Middletown, N.Y., and worked two jobs while going to college.
They had heard so much on the radio about an approaching festival called Woodstock that “we just had to go,” Bobbi says. They took back roads to Bethel, N.Y., parked their car when they couldn’t drive farther and walked the final two miles.
They stayed only one night. They never saw the stage because they were so far away. But at some point, and they have no idea when, a photographer took their picture hugging, draped in a quilt, on a muddy hillside.
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Does Woodstock mean anything after 40 years?
The photo appeared on the cover of the Woodstock soundtrack. And Bobbi and Nick became part of the legend.
“Woodstock was a sign of the times,” says Bobbi, now Bobbi Ercoline. “So many things were churning around in our world at that time: civil rights, the Vietnam War, women’s rights. It was our generation.

“I know some people say Woodstock changed their life. But I don’t think it contributed to who I am or who Nick is. I think we became the people we would have become anyway.”
An estimated half-million young people like Bobbi and Nick descended upon Max Yasgur’s dairy farm in Bethel, N.Y., for the Woodstock Music and Art Fair, Aug. 15-18, 1969. A documentary film and soundtrack of the music lifted the event into legend.
And the legend — or at least the merchandising of it — continues. For the 40th anniversary, we’re getting more than a dozen books; the Taking Woodstock film by Academy-Award-winning director Ang Lee; the original Woodstock movie, expanded and in high definition; and a six-CD box set featuring, for the first time, music from every performer at the festival.




 Did Google run this dog over with Street View car?

A striking series of images which seem to show a dog being run over by a Street View photography car have been spotted online – sparking an internal investigation

Google Streetview car runs over dog in Chile

Photo: Google Street View

After all, the cars are driven by humans, not Google’s own near-infallible automated driving software.

Now it seems that one of the cars – equipped with sophisticated 360-degree cameras – may have run over a dog on a quiet suburban street in Chile.

As you virtually travel down a road called Meza Bell you can clearly see a yellow dog sprinting in front of the car (in Chile people drive on the right-hand side of the road). Take a step forward along the street and all you can see where you would expect the dog to be is an inconclusive blur.

Further down the road, from the car’s rear-facing cameras, you can see the same dog laying down near the pavement. What happened between those two images, and the eventual fate of the dog, is unknown. But Google is investigating.

A spokesperson told the Telegraph: “We’ve taken security measures and have guidelines in place to protect people, and animals, as we drive thousands of kilometres to bring useful and relevant information to maps users around the world.

“We are reviewing the imagery to try to understand and maybe inform what happened,” they said.

It is not the first time that unusual sights have been caught by Google’s Street View cars. In April last year a young couple was apparently caughthaving sex on the bonnet of a car beside a busy Australian road.


The relaxed nature of the pair – she waving to the camera, he draining the last gulp from what appears to be a bottle of beer – led many to believe the image was just a prank.

Other highlights have included a superhero napping on a bench in Japan, a mysterious figure wearing a horse mask in Aberdeen and a man with two heads and three legs in Yorkshire.

In 2010 a young girl caused a local panic in Worcester when images of her lying on the pavement led to concerns that there had been a death in the street. It was later confirmed that she had just been playing with friends.