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Woman has SEX CHANGE to avoid paying off debts


MOST people seek advice in paying off debts but one woman tried to get out of paying them by having a SEX CHANGE.

By Andy Wells/Published 29th January 2014

bills, debts, taxes, sex change, natalya, andrian, operation, bailiffs, russiaDRASTIC: The woman became a man in an attempt to avoid paying back debts [GETTY]

The Russian woman, known only as Natalya, had built up debts of around £2,200 and was being pursued by bailiffs.

At her wits end, she made the dramtic decision to have a complete sex change operation in an attempt to become a different person and avoid having to make the repayments.

Bailiffs said: “The debtor changed gender to try to escape liabilities.

“During our investigation, we found out that the woman doesn’t exist anymore, and now a man exists.”

Now a man called Andrian, he got a new passport with completely different details and managed to borrow even more money.

“If a debtor thinks he can escape that way, he’s very much mistaken”

Bailiff spokeswoman Yevgenia Zarynsh

However, he will still have to pay the debts back, despite his decision to change sex.

Bailiff spokeswoman Yevgenia Zarynsh added to AFP: “He will be liable all the same, despite the gender change.

“It’s futile. He’ll still have to pay them back.

“If a debtor thinks he can escape that way, he’s very much mistaken.”

Andrian, who has built up more debts in the form of unpaid taxes, is still on the run.