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How Much Does It Cost to Live In Each of the World’s Countries?


How Much Does It Cost to Live In Each of the World’s Countries?

SUNDAY 01.18.2015 , POSTED BY

image: http://cdn.visualnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/cost-of-living-featured-600×319.jpg


How much does it cost to live in Sweden? How about Morocco or Japan? You can’t just compare exchange rates to figure that out. You need people on the ground reporting on how much they pay for a loaf of bread, an apartment or a glass of beer in Stockholm, Fez and Tokyo. That’s what Numbeo has been doing for years, creating a cost of living database with a lot of help from people all around the world. Movehub recently took that information and created a fantastic series of maps comparing how expensive it is to live in all the world’s countries. How does yours measure up? [Read more…]

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