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Suspicious package at downtown hotel is big pot package


Suspicious package at downtown hotel is big pot package

A package left at the downtown Four Seasons Hotel Seattle on Thursday prompted a large police and firefighter response, but turned out to be six pounds of marijuana.

A hazardous materials crew from Seattle Fire and the Seattle Police Department’s arson and bomb squad converged on the hotel about 12:45 p.m. at First Avenue and Union Street. Staff had found a lumpy package covered in plastic wrap, police reports say.

Though police reported the package was left outside a vacant unit, the hotel’s public relations firm contacted the P-I on Friday to say that the package was delivered by the U.S. Postal Service to the hotel’s concierge desk.

Police and fire officials opened the package and discovered six pounds of pot, covered in several layers of packaging and petroleum jelly, according to police.

Police seized the package, to be destroyed by the evidence unit. Six pounds, of course, amounts to more than the one-ounce legal possession limit in Washington.

Meg Paynor, of Paynor PR, which represents Four Season, wrote on Friday, “Under no circumstances would an unattended package be left outside a guest room.”

This post was updated Friday afternoon to include a response from the public relations firm representing the Four Seasons Hotel.