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101 Contradictions Old Testament-jokes added not meant to offend!

101 Contradictions Old Testament-jokes added not meant to offend!



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101 Contradictions Old Testament

101 CONTRADICTIONS—Old Testament

from http://www.innvista.com/culture/religion/bible/contraot.htm

Old Testament

1.Man was created equal, male and female. Gen.1:27.
Woman was created as a companion to the man only after he rejected the animals. Gen.2:18-24.
2.Man was created after the plants. Gen.1:12, 26.
Man was created before the plants. Gen.2:5-9.
3.The birds were created out of the water. Gen.1:20.
The birds were created out of the land. Gen.2:19.
4.The animals were created before man. Gen.1:24-26.
The animals were created after man. Gen.2:19.
5.On the first day, God created and separated light and darkness. Gen.1:3-5.
On the fourth day, God again created and separated light and darkness. Gen.1:14-18.
6.God encouraged reproduction. Gen.1:28.
He said it was an unclean process. Lev.12:1-8 (Note that bearing a daughter is more unclean than bearing a son).
7.God was pleased with his creation. Gen.1:31.
God was not pleased with his creation. Gen.6:6.
8.Adam was to die the day he ate the forbidden fruit. Gen.2:17.
Adam lived 930 years. Gen.5:5.
9.The name of “The Lord” was known in the beginning. Gen.4:26; Gen.12:8; Gen.22:14; Gen.26:25.
The name of “The Lord” was not known in the beginning. Ex.6:3.
10.God preferred Abel’s offering to Cain’s. Gen.4:4, 5.
God shows no partiality. 2 Chr.19:7; 2 Sam.14:14.
11.God asks Cain the whereabouts of his brother. Gen.4:9.
God goes to see what is happening. Gen.18:20, 21.
God is everywhere and sees everything. Prov.15:3; Jer.16:17; Jer.23:24.
12.It rained on the earth. Gen.7:4.
There was rain from above and below. Gen.8:2.
13.Two pairs of each kind were to be taken aboard Noah’s ark. Gen.6:19, 20; Gen.7:9, 14-16.
Two pairs and seven pairs of some kinds were to be taken aboard. Gen.7:2, 3.
14.Noah entered the ark during the Flood. Gen.7:7.
Noah entered the ark after the Flood. Gen.7:12, 13.

15.There were many languages before the tower at Babel. Gen.10:5, 20, 31.
There was only one language before the tower at Babel. Gen.11:1.
16.Abraham married his half-sister and was blessed. Gen.11:29; Gen.17:15,16; Gen.20:11,12.
Incest is wrong. Deut.27:22; Lev. 18:9; Lev. 20:17.
17.Abraham made a covenant with Abimelech and Phichol. Gen.21:22, 27, 32.
It was Isaac who made the covenant with Abimelech and Phichol. Gen.26:26-28.
18.Hebron was the name at the time of Abraham. Gen.23:2.
Hebron was named differently. Josh.14:15.
19.Jacob’s name was changed at Peniel. Gen.32:28-30.
Jacob’s name was changed at Padanaram. Gen.35:9,10.
20.Isaac’s servants dug a well at Beer-shebah. Gen.26:32, 33.
Abraham dug a well at Beer-shebah. Gen.21:29-31.
21.Esau married two Hittite women. Gen.26:34.
Esau married three Canaanite women. Gen.36:2, 3.
22.Bashemath was a daughter of Elon the Hittite. Gen.26:34.
Bashemath was a daughter of Ishmael. Gen.36:3.
23.Luz was renamed Beth-el. Gen.28:19.
Luz was a different place than Beth-el. Josh.16:2.
24.God renamed Jacob and called him Israel. Gen.35:10.
God forgot the new name. Gen.46:2.
25.Eliphaz had six sons. Gen.36:11,12.
Eliphaz had seven sons. Gen.36:15,16. Eliphaz had seven different sons. 1 Chr.1:36.
26.Dan had one son. Gen.46:23.
Amazingly, this one son produced over 62,000 military-age males by the first census. Num.1:38,39.

Church of God funny demotivational poster
27.Moses married a Midianite. Ex.3:1.
Moses married an Ethiopian. Num.12:1.
28.All the beasts died in plague number six. Ex.9:6.
All the beasts received boils in plague number seven. Ex.9:10.
All the beasts were hit with hail and fire in plague number eight. Ex.9:25.
All the beasts lost their firstborn in plague number ten. Ex.12:29.
29.All the plant life was destroyed by hail. Ex.9:25.
All the plant life was destroyed by locusts. Ex.10:15.
30.God instructs the Israelites to spoil the Egyptians and plunder their enemies. Ex.3:22; Deut.20:13-17.
God prohibits stealing or defrauding a neighbor. Lev.19:11,13.
31.Moses’ father-in-law proposed the idea of judges for the people. Ex.18:17, 24.
Moses proposed the idea of judges for the people. Deut.1:9-18.
32.Jethro was the name of Moses’ father-in-law. Ex.3:1.
Ruel was the name of Moses’ father-in-law. Ex.2:18.
Raguel was the name of Moses’ father-in-law. Num.10:29.
Hobab was the name of Moses’ father-in-law. Jud.4:11.
33.The priests were with Moses at Mount Sinai. Ex.19:22, 24.
Moses appointed the first priests later in the wilderness. Ex.28:1.
34.Moses was great. Ex.11:3.
Moses was meek. Numbers 12:3.
35.Moses was the only allowed near God. Ex.24:2.
Moses was not the only one allowed. Ex.24:9-11.
36.Moses condemned the making of an idol. Ex.32:19, 20.
Moses made an idol. Num.21:9; 2 Ki.18:4.
37.The commandments were memorably given at the beginning of the wilderness trek. Ex. 19 and 20.
The people appeared not to remember later in the wilderness. Lev.24:12; Num.15:34.
38.Moses told the people they would pass over the Jordan that day. Deut.9:1.
It was Joshua who took them over much later. Josh.1:1, 2.

39.The number of Israelites, excluding children, was 600,000. Ex.12:37.
The number of Israelites, including children, was only 7000. 1 Ki.20:15.
40.Manna tasted like coriander seed and honey. Ex.16:31.
Manna tasted like fresh oil. Num.11:8.
41.The Sabbath Day was to remember creation. Ex.20:11; Ex. 31:17.
The Sabbath Day was to remember the sojourn in Egypt. Deut.5:15.
42.God details sacrificial offerings. Ex.20:24; Ex.29:10-42; Lev.1:1-17; Num.28:1-31.
God says he did not order sacrifices. Jer.7:22.
43.The Book of Jasher was written at the time of Joshua. Josh.10:13.
The Book of Jasher was written at the time of David. 2 Sam.1:17,18.
44.The Israelites were a numerous and mighty people. Ex.1:8, 9.
The Israelites were few in number. Deut.7:7.
45.The Israelites had plenty of water to wash their clothes for purification. Ex.19:10.
The Israelites had no water and rioted for a drink. Ex.15:22-24.
46.God was with the people. Ex.3:12.
God was not with the people. Ex.33:3.
47.Aaron died on Mt. Hor. Num.20:27, 28; 33:38,39.
Aaron died at Mosera. Deut.10:6.
48.After Aaron’s death, the people journeyed from Mt. Hor to Zalmonah to Punon etc. Num.33:41, 42.
After Aaron’s death, the people journeyed from Mosera to Gudgodah to Jotbath. Deut.10:6, 7.

49.The Canaanites were utterly destroyed. Num.21:3.
The Canaanites were left to trouble the Israelites for years. Jud.3:1,2.

50.Stones were taken out of the Jordan River. Josh.4:3.
Stones were placed in the Jordan River. Josh.4:9.
51.The Nazarite vow is broken if one goes near a dead body. Numb.6:6-9.
Sampson, a Nazarite, apparently did not break this vow. Jud.13:5; 15:8,15,16; 16:17.
52.Samuel ministered to the “Lord”. 1 Sam.3:1.
Samuel did not know the “Lord”. 1 Sam.3:7.
53.David killed Goliath. 1 Sam.17:49,50.
Elhanan killed Goliath. 2 Sam.21:19-21. (Notice that the phrase “the brother of” has been added).

54.”God” caused David to number the people. 2 Sam.24:1.
“Satan” caused David to number the people. 1 Chr.21:1.
55.Saul utterly destroyed the Amalekites. 1 Sam.15:20.
David utterly destroyed the Amalekites. 1 Sam.27:8, 9.
David destroyed the Amalekites – again – almost. 1 Sam.30:1,17,18.
56.God chose Saul to save the people from the Philistines. 1 Sam.9:15-17.
Saul dies and the Philistines overrun the Israelites. 1 Sam.31:6, 7.
57.God chose Saul. 1 Sam.9:16.
God repents for choosing Saul. 1 Sam.15:35.
God doesn’t need to repent. Num. 23:19.
58.Saul inquired of God but received no answer. 1 Sam.28:6.
Saul died for not inquiring. 1 Chr.10:13, 14.
59.Saul killed himself. 1 Sam.31:4; 1 Chr. 10:4, 5.
Someone killed Saul. 2 Sam.1:5-10.
The Philistines killed Saul. 2 Sam.21:12.
God killed Saul. 1 Chr.10:13,14.
60.Jesse had eight sons. 1 Sam.16:10, 11; 1 Sam.17:12.
Jesse had seven sons. 1 Chr.2:13-15.
61.Saul knew David before the encounter with Goliath. 1 Sam.16:19.
Saul did not know David until after the encounter with Goliath. 1 Sam.17:55-58.
62.Michal was childless. 2 Sam.6:r23.
Michal had five sons. 2 Sam.21:8.

63.David sinned in taking the census. 2 Sam.24:10,25.
David’s only sin, ever, was another matter. 1 Ki.15:5.
64.David paid 50 pieces of silver for the property. 2 Sam.24:24.
David paid 600 pieces of gold for the property. 1 Chr.21:25.
65.His name was Solomon. 2 Sam.12:24; 1 Chr.22:9.
His name was Jedidiah. 2 Sam.12:25.
66.Solomon had 40,000 stalls of horses. 1 Ki.4:26.
Solomon had 4,000 stalls of horses. 2 Chr.9:25.
67.Solomon had 3300 supervisors. 1 Ki.5:16.
Solomon had 3600 supervisors. 2 Chr.2:2.
68.Solomon’s “molten sea” held 2000 “baths”. 1 Ki.7:26.
Solomon’s “molten sea” held 3000 “baths”. 2 Chr.4:5.
69.Solomon had thousands of horses. 1 Ki.4:26.
A King must not multiply horses to himself. Deut.17:15,16.
70.Solomon had hundreds of wives. 1 Ki.11:1-3.
A King must not multiply wives to himself. Deut.17:17.
71.There was no greater king before or after Hezekiah. 2 Ki.18:1, 5.
There was no greater king before or after Josiah. 2 Ki.23:24, 25.
72.Ahaziah was twenty-two years old when he began to reign. 2 Ki.8:26.
Ahaziah succeeded his father, who was thirty-two years old when he became king and who ruled for eight years. 2 Chr.21;20.
He was forty-two years old when he began to reign. 2 Chr.22:2. (Note that some versions have caught the error and corrected it.)
73.God prohibits the making of idols. Ex.20:4; Deut.5:8, 9.
God commands idols to be made. Ex.25:18; Num.21:8, 9.
74.Children are to suffer for their parent’s sins. Ex.20:5; Ex.34:7; Num.14:18; Deut.5:9; Is.14:21.
Children are not to suffer for their parent’s sins. Deut.24:16; Ezek.18:19,20.
75.God prohibits the killing of the innocent. Ex.23:7.
God approves the killing of the innocent. Num.31:17; Josh.6:21; Josh.7:24-26; Josh.8:22-25; Josh.10:20, 40; Josh.11:15; 1 Sam.15:3.
76.God inflicts sickness. Num.11:33; 2 Chr.21:14, 15.
Satan inflicts sickness. Job 2:7.
77.Death to a false prophet. Deut.18:20.

Death also to a real prophet deceived by “God”. Ezek.14:9.
78.God remembers sin even when it has been forgiven. Ex.34:7.
God does not remember sin after it has been forgiven. Jer.31:34.
79.God promised the land to the people. Ex.12:25.
God broke his promise. Num.14:30, 31.
80.Sisera was sleeping when Jael killed him. Jud.4:21.
Sisera was standing and apparently, allowed Jael to kill him. Jud.5:25-27.
81.Joshua captured Debir. Josh.10:38,39.
Othniel captured Debir. Jud.1:11-13.
82.God sows discord. Gen.11:7-9.
God hates those who cause discord. Prov.6:16-19.
83.The census count was: Israel 800,000 and Judah 500,000. 2 Sam.24:9.
The census count was: Israel 1,100,000 and Judah 470,000. 1 Chr.21:5.
84.The two pillars were 18 cubits high. 1 Ki.7:15.
The two pillars were 35 cubits high. 2 Chr.3:15.
85.420 talents of gold were brought back from Ophir. 1 Ki.9:28.
450 talents of gold were brought back from Ophir. 2 Chr.8:18.
86.Asa removed the high places. 2 Chr.14:2, 3.
Asa did not remove the high places. 1 Ki.15:14.
87.Baasha died in the 26tth year of King Asa’s reign. 1 Ki.16:6-8.
Baasha built a city in the 36th year of King Asa’s reign. 2 Chr.16:1.
88.Jehoshaphat did not remove the high places. 1 Ki.22:42, 43.
Jehoshaphat did remove the high places. 2 Chr.17:5, 6.
89.Jehu’s massacre was acceptable to God. 2 Ki.10:30.
Jehu’s massacre was not acceptable to God. Hos.1:4.
90.Jehu shot Ahaziah near Ibleam. Ahaziah then fled to Meggido and died there. 2 Ki.9:27.
Ahaziah was found hiding in Samaria, brought to Jehu, and was then put to death. 2 Chr.22:9.
91.Ahaz was not conquered. 2 Ki.165.
Ahaz was conquered. 2 Chr.28:5.

92.Jehoiachin was 18 years old when he began to reign. 2 Ki.24:8.
Jehoiachin was 8 years old when he began to reign. 2 Chr.36:9. (Some versions have corrected this)
93.Jehoiachin reigned 3 months. 2 Ki.24:8.
Jehoiachin reigned 3 months and 10 days. 2 Chr.36:9.
94.Jehoiachin was succeeded by his uncle. 2 Ki.24:17.
Jehoiachin was succeeded by his brother. 2 Chr.36:10.
95.The father of Zerubbabel was Pedaiah. 1 Chr.3:19.
The father of Zerubbabel was Shealtiel. Ezr.3:2.
96.God is near to all who call on him. Ps.145:18.
God is far away and cannot be found in times of need. Ps.10:1.
97.God sometimes forsakes his children. Ps.22:1, 2.
God is always a present help. Ps.46:1.
98.The righteous shall rejoice when he sees vengeance. Ps.58:10, 11.
Do not rejoice when your enemy falls or stumbles. Prov.24:17.
99.God stands to judge. Is.3:13.
God sits to judge. Joel 3:12.
100.Zedekiah watched his sons be put to death, then he had his eyes put out, and was left to die in prison. Jer.52:10, 11.
God promised Zedekiah a peaceful death. Jer.34:4, 5.
101.Omri reigned 12 years beginning in the 31st year of Asa’s reign. 1 Ki.16:23.
Omri died and his son began his reign in the 38th year of Asa’s reign, making Omri’s reign only 7-years. 1 Ki.16:28, 29.

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church pastor says his 16,000 square foot house is gift from God!


Elevation Church pastor Steven Furtick: 16,000-square-foot house is gift from God

By Elisabeth Arriero
Posted: Sunday, Oct. 27, 2013
 Elevation Church Pastor Steven Furtick told his congregation Sunday that he was sorry for any uncomfortable conversations they may have been forced to have about his controversial new Waxhaw home.

But Furtick didn’t apologize for the 16,000-square-foot home, which drew national media attention last week because of its size and cost. Instead, he described it as a gift from God.

Furtick also emphasized Sunday that he is committed to making worshipers proud of their church. And he added that the media should not be viewed as the enemy.

“My wife and I made a decision, and we built a house,” he said while sitting at the edge of the stage at the church’s Blakeney location. “It’s a big house, and it’s a beautiful house, and we thank God for it …. We understand everything we have comes from God.”

Furtick’s comments were a departure from a sermon last month, when he told the congregation that his new home was “not that great of a house.”

Furtick delivered his sermon Sunday to a packed sanctuary in Blakeney, while worshipers at seven other campuses watched via live stream. The church has a following of nearly 12,000 people.

Furtick spent the first 10 minutes of his sermon on Sunday addressing the controversy over his new home.

Tax value on the 19-acre Waxhaw property is $1.6 million, though Chunks Corbett, Elevation’s chief financial officer, has said that Furtick paid $325,000 for it – a figure confirmed by Union County tax records.

Furtick, 33, said that 8,400 square feet of the house is heated, with the rest composed of basement, attic, garage and porch space. He is paying for the five-bedroom house with income from the books he’s written and will write, Corbett said.

Furtick said the hardest part hasn’t been what the public is saying about him. Instead, he is most upset about how the media attention may have affected members.

“I’m sorry for the uncomfortable conversations you had to have this week,” Furtick said. One woman near the front responded, “No sorry needed.”

“I have always tried to make this a church where you could be proud of your church,” Furtick said. The congregation responded by giving Furtick a standing ovation.

Furtick continued by reiterating his commitment to creating a “ministry of integrity.”

“That has not changed, and that will not change,” he said.

He added that the church provides followers with access to copies of audited financial statements of the church, although Furtick has yet to make those statements public.

Furtick has also refused to reveal how much he makes from books and speaking engagements. He has also not disclosed his salary, which is not determined by the congregation but instead an appointed “Board of Overseers” comprised of other mega-church pastors.

He thanked the congregation on Sunday for “what you’ve prayed, what you’ve said and what you haven’t said.

“We appreciate knowing that you have our back,” he said.

Furtick added that the media “is not our enemy,” noting that the media have a right to report what it wants to. “I do not call this an attack,” he said. “This is a news story, and the media is not our enemy.”

Before moving on to his regular sermon, which was about finding the blessings in life’s struggles, Furtick told members he looked forward to continuing his ministry in Charlotte “for the next 50 years,” adding, “The best is yet to come.”

After the service, several worshipers said the controversy had not shaken their faith in the church or in Furtick. “I thought his sermon was very positive, and it was the truth,” said Kim Hoefer, noting that Furtick had already told the congregation about his new home a couple of weeks ago.

Member Cora Morgan said she doesn’t think anyone has any business telling Furtick what kind of home to build. “It’s his money; he can do what he wants with it,” she said.

Besides, Morgan said, his home’s size is insignificant when compared to how many people Furtick’s ministry has touched.

“Every Sunday, people are lined up outside of church like they’re trying to get into the club,” she said. “Maybe this is an opportunity for everyone to see how great God is.”

Arriero: 704-358-5945; Twitter: @earriero



Watch this video

‘Under God’ faces new scrutiny

  • Phrase “Under God” discriminates against atheist students, lawsuit says
  • Children don’t have to say the Pledge of Allegiance, opposing lawyer says
  • Case will be heard on Wednesday by the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts

(CNN) — The Pledge of Allegiance is recited in classrooms across the country every morning — and because of the words “under God,” it is heard in courtrooms across the country seemingly just as often these days.

Every attempt to eliminate the mention of God has thus far failed, but the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts will hear arguments on Wednesday seeking removal of the two words for a new reason: discrimination.

“This is the first challenge of its kind” said Roy Speckhardt, the executive director of the American Humanist Association, an atheist group arguing for the plaintiffs. “We feel very confident that we have a strong case.”

That case, which was brought by an unidentified family of a student at a school in suburban Boston, will be argued on the premise that the pledge violates the Equal Rights Amendment of the Massachusetts Constitution. It is the first such case to be tried on the state level: All previous attempts have been argued in federal court on the grounds that ‘under God’ was an unconstitutional violation of the separation of church and state.

“They’re grasping at straws” said Eric Rassbach of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, the attorney arguing to leave the pledge as it is. “They know they would lose again if they tried it under the First Amendment, so now they are trying a new tack.”

Rassbach dismissed the discrimination claim because he said everyone has the right to opt out of saying the pledge. “This would be very different if they were forced to recite the pledge,” he said.

But that makes little difference in the eyes of Speckhardt.

“The opt-out itself is exclusionary and unpleasant” he said. “Children are left with a bad choice: either stand up and recite something against your beliefs, or opt out and be ostracized.”

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has previous high-profile and precedent-setting experience deciding cases hinging on the Equal Rights Amendment of the Massachusetts Constitution. In 2003, Massachusetts became the first state to legalize same-sex marriage with the Supreme Judicial Court’s landmark Goodridge decision.

“I think there is a reason why they chose this court” Rassbach said. “But the law is the law, and I think the court will decide that this is not discrimination, but a disagreement.”

Rassbach said he fears a loss in Massachusetts would inspire “copycat” lawsuits in the handful of other states that have similar clauses in their constitutions — a fear Speckhardt certainly didn’t assuage.

“We will absolutely be looking in other states if we should prevail.”

Nationality, identity and the pledge of allegiance






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