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U.K. farmer breeds the tears out of an onion


U.K. farmer breeds the tears out of an onion


The Sweet Red has just hit grocery shelves, promising fewer tears and sweeter-smelling breath.

It’s hard to chop an onion when you have tears in your eyes. (Photo: Sean Locke Photography/Shutterstock)

One of the most frequently used items in my kitchen is a pair of onion goggles. I need them because I’m incredibly susceptible to the sulfur that’s released when an onion is sliced. Within half a minute, my eyes burn and tear up, making it very difficult to chop an onion without harming myself with my chef’s knife.
A farmer in England may be on his way to making my onion goggles obsolete, at least when I’m chopping a red onion for dishes like Sourdough Panzanella or Guacamole. For 20 years, Alastair Findlay of Bedfordshire Growers has worked on creating a new type of onion, one he calls a Sweet Red, according to Yahoo.
Sweet Reds have a flavor that’s milder than other red onions. They also don’t leave your breath smelling as onion-y, and they don’t give off as much tear-producing sulfur.
I assume the Sweet Red is a hybrid vegetable. The hybrid process crossbreeds two different types or varieties of vegetables or fruits, creating a new, natural variety. This is different from genetically modifying foods, by the way.
Findlay isn’t done tweaking the onions. He’s working on improving the flavor of his Sweet Red even further.
For now, the first harvest of Sweet Reds is available only at the U.K. grocery chain Asda, so I suppose I’ll need my onion goggles for a while longer. I’d love to get my hands on one, though, and test the no-more-tears promise of the Sweet Red.

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