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Joe Road

Location:  Stockbridge, Calumet County, Wisconsin

Correction:  Erroneously listed as “Joe’s Road” on a number of web sites.

The Reputed History:  Back in the early 1900’s the state wanted to build a road over an old Indian burial ground. “Indian Joe,” the cemetery groundskeeper, would not permit it, so they ran him over and built the road over him.
The Investigation:

  • There is no evidence of a former Indian burial ground or of such a murder.
  • There is only one house on Joe Road, and it used to be owned by a Joe Ekhart, but he was not a Native American.
The Reputed Phenomena:  

  •  If you drive down the road which is uphill both ways and stop at the bottom and put your car in neutral, “Indian Joe” will push your vehicle uphill to the east end of the road to get you off the old Indian burial ground.
  • Afterwards, if you put flour or any powder on the back of your car, you will see the handprints and fingerprints of “Indian Joe,” proving that he pushed your car uphill.
The Investigation: 

  • This is just a strange optical illusion.  We checked the road with a level and found that it is actually slanted downhill even though it appears to be uphill.  Topographical maps of the area indicate that it is actually a decline of about 70 feet from the east end of the road to the west end.
  • The logical explanation for the prints on the back of the vehicle is that the prints were left there when people used their hands to slam shut their trunk, hatchback, tailgate, etc.  According to the police, latent fingerprints can be lifted from some objects years after they were made.  Even washing the vehicle doesn’t always succeed in removing the prints.

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