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Dylan Farrow’s Brother: “Of Course Woody Did Not Molest My Sister”


I am not one to spread gossip and 1 usually ignore Philip, Seymour Hoffman died I did not publish any of the news about his heroin addiction. I admired the man for being a fine actor- I don’t care about his personal life. Gossip about the revered movie maker and actor goes straight over my head. These articles are about getting the filth on people and getting ratings. I say let “celebrities” be- but that will never happen will it?
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Farrow Confronts Backlash: Woody Allen Is My “Sick, Evil Father”

Dylan Farrow Confronts Backlash: Woody Allen Is My “Sick, Evil Father”

Dylan Farrow, responding to accusations that she has been both brainwashed by her mother Mia Farrow and that she’s purposely tanking her father Woody Allen’s Oscar chances, tells People that neither of these claims are true: she is, according to the interview, hoping that by speaking out, she’ll “help at least one person out there.”


Dylan Farrow Details Sexual Abuse By Woody Allen

Dylan Farrow has published an account of the sexual assault she experienced at the hands of her adoptive father Woody Allen on Nicholas… Read…

In an extended interview with the magazine published Thursday afternoon, Dylan explained that her decision to come forward with the story of her alleged abuse was not easy. “It took all of my strength and all of my emotional fortitude to do what I did this week in the hope that it would put the truth out there,” she said. “That is my only ammunition. I don’t have money or publicists or limos or fancy apartments in Manhattan. All I have is the truth and that is all I put out there.”

She also calls question those who refuse to believe she could be telling the truth:

People are saying that I am not actually remembering what I remember. People are saying that my ‘evil mother’ brainwashed me because they refuse to believe that my sick, evil father would ever molest me, because we live in this society where victim blaming and inexcusable behavior – this taboo against shaming the famous at the expense of their victims – is accepted and excused.

Moses Farrow, Mia Farrow’s estranged son and older brother to Dylan, does not believe his father Woody Allen sexually abused his sister. In an… Read…

While she says she knew her letter would initially cause “backlash,” she also admits she didn’t expect her brother Moses to defend their father. “My brother has broken my heart. Moses divorced himself from the family a long time ago. I always missed him. I loved him and I kept him in my thoughts,” she said. “These lies – this betrayal – is unfathomable to me coming from a brother I loved and cherished and grew up with.” Dylan continued to question his actions, calling his “betrayal” the “lowest form of evil that [she] could ever imagine.”

Dylan then confirmed that she stands by her letter:

My memories are true. What happened to me as a little girl … is my cross to bear. But I will not see my family dragged down like this. I can’t stay silent when my family needs me.”

According to People, Dylan’s husband—who, they note, she met through a personal ad on The Onion—stood behind her and comforted her during the entire interview.
You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger Photocall - 63rd Cannes Film Festival