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I  used to work under
the guise

of cocaine vodka and speed

the words came out like

a spicket spilling words

Into notebooks filled

With rant and sticky

shot glasses residue

like crop circles

They came and went

But were always there

In some nook or corner

easy to reach at a moments


and i miss those great days

that were part of my world

With you my mentor sitting

Across the old  kitchen table

Butts accumulating in

The old blue ashtray

Your rugged face in

Haze of smoke

“everything to excess.

Nothing for success”

-you laughed when i

Repeated our funny mantra

it suited me then just fine

Life was intense like a

Double edged sword

when the words come to me

now they come more naturally

especially when i smoke weed

or drink some sort of libation

once when younger I

used to write with no sort of

enhancement just Dylan, incense
And a pot of tea
and that was good too-

when inspiration comes now

it’s like an avalanche tumbling

toward me-if i am not ready

i can get lost in it forever

those are the good days and

there are many of them and

the best days are when my words

are published and i feel real


an another successful

poem or a page for my

latest book

i am happy no matter

which way they come

then there are the bad days

That came after my overdose

and coma

My damaged brain spit out amnesia-tic


Have to decipher the good from

The bad the spelling the grammar

The stumbling bumbling mishmash

Clutching my head in desperation

“You can do it” he said “just carry

On as if it never happened

you have it, you just have to find it”

and I would cry for my loss of


wanting to stamp my feet and shake

My head till the letters and words

Came out on the right order.

goodness can come from chaos

sometimes i write words

and discard them

I  write

better under the influence

than without

as long as i have a connection

I’ll be just fine.

Just you are no longer there. Ana christy