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The World’s Most Incredible Bars



Your local dive bar is about to look really boring. Check out these amazing bars from around the world and make any night memorable with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey.posted on June 7, 2012, at 5:10 p.m.

1. The H.R. Giger Alien Bar

The H.R. Giger Alien Bar

Sure, those chairs might be a little uncomfortable and all the bones on the wall are a bit spooky but how impressed your date would be if you take them here for a night cap.

Where you’ll find it: Chur, Switzerland

2. The Ice Bar Inside The Ice Hotel

The Ice Bar Inside The Ice Hotel

The name says it all. A bar carved out of a huge ice block, inside of an even huger ice hotel. This hotel is carved each December, and assures that guests staying there can not only enjoy a chilled beverage at their beautiful ice bar, but that the temperatures in their rooms will remain a very survivable – 5 degrees Celsius.

Where you’ll find it: Quebec City, Canada.

3. Eternity, The Coffin Bar

Eternity, The Coffin Bar

Not only does this giant wood coffin hold the world record for largest coffin, it is also a fully functioning bar. The decor inside is equally spooky with smaller coffins, oversized flower wreaths and church-like lighting arranged throughout.

Where you’ll find it: Truskavets, Ukraine.

4. Alux Lounge In Mexico

Alux Lounge In Mexico

If a bar carved out of ice is not your speed, perhaps a bar carved out of an ancient cave would appeal to you. The Alux Lounge, located a short ride from the beach is a destination for tourists and locals looking to kick back in a one-of-a-kind setting.

Where you’ll find it: Playa del Carmen, Mexico

5. The Clinic Bar

The Clinic Bar

The gilded wheelchairs surrounding the tables outside of The Clinic are just one of the many medical-themed elements of this bar. Inside, you’ll find pill shaped rooms containing booths resembling hospital beds, and drinks are served either through drips or test tubes.

Where you’ll find it: Singapore

6. Madame Claude

Madame Claude

Berlin is widely known as a hub for nightlife and electronic music, so it’s no surprise we would find an unusual bar/music venue located there. Madame Claude may seem relatively laid back at first glance, especially by Berlin standards, but have one too many and you might get disoriented. The entire bar is decorated with chairs, furniture and lighting hanging upside down from the ceiling and walls.

Where you’ll find it: Berlin, Germany.

7. The Sky View Bar

The Sky View Bar

The duo of futuristic tunnels leading to the Sky View Bar are impressive, but they aren’t the sole reason we’ve included it on this list. The bar, as its name would suggests, sits on the 27th floor of the luxury hotel some 200 meters above sea level, which offers customers a stunning view of both the clouds above and the ocean below.

Where you’ll find it: Inside of Dubai’s Burj Al Arab Hotel

8. The Sunland Pub

The Sunland Pub

The inside of the Sunland Pub is not much to speak of, a tiny bar where a bartender can entertain a handful of guests, but there is a reason for that: it’s located inside of a tree. The Baobab tree in which the pub was carved is believed to be some 6000 years old.

Where you’ll find it: Limpopo Province, South Africa

9. Red Sea Star Bar

Red Sea Star Bar

You can finally find out what that little crab was talking about when he sang “Under The Sea,” all while enjoying your favorite cocktail. Located 6 meters…well…under the sea, the restaurant and bar offers unparalleled views of surrounding marine life.

Where you’ll find it: Eilat, Israel

10. Alcatraz ER

Alcatraz ER

Alcatraz ER is one of the oldest of Tokyo’s many theme restaurants and bars, and might be the wackiest one. Visitors to the bar are treated to an experience similar to that of checking-in to a mental prison: the waitresses – dressed as nurses, of course – handcuff you and lock you in a cell where you are served an array of terrifying foods and cocktails.

Where you’ll find it: Tokyo, Japan.